"Scream Of The Ants"

Mohsen Makhmalbaf's 2007 film starring Luna Shad


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Reply to Farnoosh: You are right

by bahmani on

Since you have not seen the film and simply think "Luna Shad is beautiful", let me file your response where it belongs. In the trash, alongside all the same sad, hopeless, and uninspiring films made by sad, hopeless, uninspiring, and self worshipping Iranian, and I can barely say this next word, "actresses".

See the film and then compare it to all the same films that seem to define your sisters these days and tell me in a coherent way (not just professing your love for Luna's physical "beauty"), what the point of it all is if all we re going to be getting is sad hopeless films.

You are right, Everyone except you can come to my blog to read more. You just sit and admire Luna's beauty. That seems to be your speed.

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I also look forward to seeing this film.

by Shepesh on

Farnoosh or anyone else is free to comment as she sees things. Here is one example, and just one, where she is being level headed. So when people accuse of others of bashing (when they temselve accuse all Iranian men of being backward frogs and hopless cases), first look at their own comments.



Soosan Khanoom

Farnoosh just shows up once in a while, only and only

by Soosan Khanoom on

to trash. to bash, and to smash someone and then she vanishes in the thin air !  

I have not really seen any other contribution by her on this site.  



Farnoosh, in your perception, does bahmani not sadly have

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

a point with ladies being type cast into sad, mona lisa esque, misery fest scenes? I see his point at least and its not false for me.

The movie clip was unlike other sad, life sucks clips, for me it was interesting and intruiging, with the aim of exploring the subject of ????? I'm not sure, because it could be anything.  The colours, the scenes, the song, gave a charm & peace to what it was going to explore.


چرا لونا شاد اینقدر غمگینه؟


لهجه اصفهونیش منو کشته!

Jahanshah Javid

Got to see it

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is one of the few Makhmalbaf films I haven't had the chance to see. That's unfortunate because judging by this clip alone, Luna Shad's daring acting combined with a subject matter and location different from the usual Iranian films generates great interest. A teaser indeed!

Omid Parsi

Hezbollah wants to be Almodovar!!!

by Omid Parsi on

Once a Hezbollah, always a Retard!

Here is the ex-Paasdaar desperately wanting to be a "cineaste" by ripping off the bolero Piensa en Mi once featured in Perdo Almodovar's "Tacones Lejanos" over 20 years ago!!!

This has got to be on par with parading the cardboard Khomeini down the tarmac!!!

I think Makhmalbaaf would do better making Aabgoosht, provided he does not employ convicted murderer/terrorists like he did in his 
Kandehar blunder!



by Farnoosh on

Luna Shad is simply beautiful. I haven't seen this film, and I didn't gather from any of the commentators that anybody has seen the full-length feature. I loved Makhmalbaf's earlier work, especially Salam Cinema and Noon va Goldoon. I will go look for this film, too.

About Bruce Bahmani's misogynist comment:

So, if her boobs were bigger than Golshifteh's, or just as big, she would not deserve all this crap, right?

"To read more bahmani posts visit xyz?" But why would we?

Bruce Bahmani has become the most bitter and mean commentator on this site, full of venom and hate for Iranians of all walks of life. I don't bother with his consistently featured stuff anymore.


Agree with you Bahmani. well said.

by Albaloo on

Agree with you Bahmani. well said. 


تلاش مذبوحانه!!ا


ربط موزیک نوستالژیک لاتین - لونا شاد - هند - محسن مخملباف - رودخانه مقدس -مردمان فقیرو اینها همه چیه؟

اندوه جهان سومی؟؟.

درک این بی ربطی مثل دگردیسی تدریجی ظاهر و افکار خود آقای مخملباف درطول سالیان، ازیک متعصب مذهبی حزب اللهی دو آتشه به یک کارگردان روشنفکر مدرن اروپایی مآب -یه چیزی شبیه پدرو آلمودورار-یک کمی مشکله

کلا مخملباف نویسنده رو بیشتر ازکارگردان دوست دارم. کتاب حوض سلطونش خیلی خوب بود. فکرکنم خط مشی و طرزفکرش توی کتابهاش هماهنگ تره.-


Nader Vanaki

I just remembered where I heard this tune

by Nader Vanaki on

On the elevator of Hotel Azadi in Evin across from Luna Park on Parkway Expressway.  Later on when I went to the sauna I heard the rest of the song.


Luna Shad or Luna Sad!

by Faramarz on


Makes you want to cry for no good reason!

The mud scene has potential for political protest.

Darius Kadivar

Gauche Caviar Cinema made for 'Liberal Democrat' Consumers

by Darius Kadivar on

Or how in quest of spirituality I went to make a movie in India just to show my compassion for the "poor" in need only to come back with a Sun tan ...

La Gauche Caviar

Le Changement C'est Maintenant ...

les nuls le yogourt Rien à branler

Just kidding ... But well I couldn't help myself ...


Nice clip nevertheless ...

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Screaming Cliche

by bahmani on

Oh for the day when an Iranian actress is not defined by yet another boring sad, depressing, "woe is me", role that incessantly says, "I like to whine (a lot) about my condition".

One thing yo have to say for Golshifteh's boobs, it certainly took our mind off all the sad roles Iranian women seem to think they need to play.

Ladies, you are ONLY reinforcing the stereotype that apparently you have become. Although, rare is the Iranian women who is confident, strong, and happy, at once. But it is a noble aspiration, No?

Maybe once we we can have an Iranian filmmaker (male of female) who is not a Misogynist, that actually for once, takes the bloody risk and depicts an Iranian woman as a strong, confident and mentally healthy optimistic, and god forbid, happy heroine. Can see what one that is Funny looks like too?

For once. Can we just try to inspire positivity and success? Just once, to see how it feels, to be hopeful and happy for a change?

Because with all of this "Art" I am getting really sad of all the sadness.

Self imposed sadness like this, only makes me sadder.

OK, I have to go and kill myself now. See you on the other side.

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