Remember Emam Naghi

The same Naghi in Shahin Najafi's "Naghi"?


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Any fatwas yet?!!

by Arj on

As others have noted, this would've been unimaginable 30 years ago, when Khomeini, or any other religious leader, still had the authority to declare fatwas in defence the honour of their religion, prophet, emams and "infallibles." But now, Khamenei, even if he issues a fatwa, he'll end up making a fool of himself, for the tide is so high and strong that it would wash him in a tsunami of public contempt!

Indeed, this resonates with the sentiments of the new generation of Iranians as a religious, social and cultural renaissance is on its way in Iran -- and subsequently in the Islamic world via delay! 


We need more of this

by divaneh on

Very funny and purposeful. We need more of this to show Akhonds and hard liners that their religion and its figures, like everything else, could be the subject of ridicule. Especially when the very same religion has become the tool of oppression. They must know that in the modern world they cannot condemn people to death for offending them. How many are they going to condemn.

I am glad to see that the Danish and Dutch artists are not the only ones who are not tolerating this darkness.



by daneshjoo on


علت را جستجو کنید 



this is just the begining

by Fesenjoon2 on

They should make a soft porn movie showing clerics and their holy Imams. Let those who lashed and executed thousands and thousands of us for Islam turn blue with anger

نه پس. فکر کردین آخر و عاقبت سی سال حکومت دینی با شلاق و روضه خونی و قداست سازی و تفکیک جنسیتی دانشگاهها و مدارس و اعدام محاربین و سیاست حجاب و اسلام زورکی چیه؟ 

نفرین باد بر اسلام که ایران را به فلاکت کشانیده. نفرین ابدی بر محمد و آلش که ایران را اینطور ذلیل کرده. آهای شمایی که از دیدن این ویدئو ناراحت و خشمگین هستی! بدون که این اول کاره. سی ساله که اسلام را به زور چپوندی توی حلق مردم. اون موقع احترام برای عقاید دیگران برایت معنی نداشت؟! حالا شدی سخنگوی احترام به عقاید دیگران؟ نوش جونت. انشالله که از ائمه اطهارتون فیلم مستهجن پورن هم بسازن تا حالتون جا بیاد که شلاق خوردن و اعدام شدن بخاطر احکام شرعی یعنی چی.


The biggest promoter of anti-religion wave is the regime itself

by aynak on


The tune is great, visuals awesome, signing/voice/lyrics, can't get enough.  When those in charge use religion for political financial gains,  but most important oppression, then it is natural for religion or its symbols to be target of *protest*.

That is what is happening here.   The onus is therefore on those who believe their religion is not like those portryaed by those that in in charge to prove otherwise, or suck it up.

How many ayatollahs are objecting to what Khamaneh ee is doing?   To the billions lost/stolen?   To the attrocities commited against  political prisoners ....?   At  the same time, don't forget this is a movement initiated by government to "resurrect" the old imams greatness.

Can anyone imagine such sentiment would be expressed during Shah, or even early revolution days?







by JustAnIranian on

The day Iranians learn to have tolerance for the beliefs of others is the day that change will finally come to Iran.

This is not from Shahin Najafi and by putting this on the main page, you will only play into the hands of a regime that thrives on controversy.

This will not help Shahin Najafi's cause or himself in anyway. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Naghi rules ... very entertaining

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


this is really funny. thank you.

by mousa67 on

& soosan khanoom: chill or take a dive. too much anger could lead to cardiac arrest. LOL.


Islam beginning to have a meaning to me

by عموجان on


Yaa Naghi, I will never kill for you, congrat on your first year, hope you live longer than Emam Zaman.

Beautiful, great work 

Soosan Khanoom

Please take this crap off the main page !

by Soosan Khanoom on

There is a difference between Shain Nahjafi's cause and this bull shit ...  the sad thing is that you don't get it!