No Nukes for Iran

Eliminate the threat of war


No Nukes for Iran
by Mohammad Alireza

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill (401 to 11) that calls for a military strike if Iran obtains nuclear "capability", which essentially means American lawmakers have lit the fuse for war.

Now put this alongside the news that Saeed Jalili, secretary-general of the Supreme National Security Council, repeatedly asked Catherine Ashton, the chief nuclear negotiator for the P5+1, that sanctions be removed. Even Obama is powerless to remove the sanctions that have been imposed by the House and Senate, so Jalili begging Ashton displays a huge disconnect with reality.

The sanctions that were imposed on Iraq, and which were directly responsible for the death of 500,000 children, were only removed FIVE YEARS after the American Empire invaded Iraq.

So given this situation the Iranian people are going to face a great deal of hardship because the wrong people are sitting around the negotiating table and discussing issues that will not remove any sanctions and therefore will end up making war more likely.

Given that most of the House and Senate are in the pockets of the Israeli Lobby, and the military-industrial-complex – which made obscene profits from the Iraq war – the threat of war is still very real.

Iranian negotiators can argue until they are blue in the face that legally they have the right to the peaceful development of nuclear energy but it is not going to make any difference.

The only reason Iran has not been attacked is because the price of oil will increase to unacceptable levels and because even non-regime supporters will pick up a gun to defend Iran which will mean a region wide conflagration.

As I have argued repeatedly Iran needs to mothball and abandon its nuclear activities and only keep what it requires for nuclear medicine. Four years ago I wrote "Iran's Nuclear Mistake" and given advances in solar energy the arguments I made then have been strengthened through advancements in solar technology.

Iran is finally coming to its senses and has allocated $500,000,000 towards alternative energy but this is not nearly enough. It should be $150 billion dollars. Saudi Arabia has just announced plans to invest $120 billion dollars to develop solar energy so that all of its domestic energy needs will be met. The Desertec Foundation has been launched and will soon become a reality.

It's time Iranian "leaders" put aside their ego and pride and faced reality. There is little prestige in having a nuclear accident like Chernobyl or Fukushima. There is little to be proud of when our grandchildren are born with deformities due to a nuclear accident or radioactive contamination after our enrichment sites have been bombed.

We must abandon our nuclear activities NOW and once and for all eliminate the threat of war. The path to peace is clear as is the path to clean renewable energy.

(The image above shows the radioactive fallout 48 hours after Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities have been bombed. Look at the area that is set for exposure limit for general public. It is huge!)


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Mohammad Alireza

To: easycake & Brian Appleton

by Mohammad Alireza on


You are confusing America, American Empire, and American Cultural Imperialism. These are very different from each other.

American Cultural Imperialism has penetrated to the core of Iran with Coca Cola and Pepsi now consumed to the point of obesity. Fast Food joints are sprouting up all over Main Street of every major Iranian city. Junk food is advertized repeatedly on the TV and Junk TV reaches millions through Farsi1. Soon Iranians will have the same rate of obesity, heart desease, and diabeties as Americans.

Brian Appleton:

Coming to ones senses regarding nuclear power's unacceptable financial and environmental costs is not capitulation.

Germany has closed down all its nuclear power plants and Japan will soon do the same. No new nuclear power plants will be built in America given the costs and insurance issues.

But I agree with the thrust of your arguement. You may find this article of interest:

"American Empire and The Future"



M. Alireza

Brian Appleton


by Brian Appleton on



Brian H. Appleton


Rasool Aryadust


After chelo kabab

by مآمور on

I just had a nap after chelo kabab!!

did any body lunch a nuclear attack on Iran while I was napping??

it must be Mousa with his new barbie jet fighter!!

I wear an Omega watch


   There is a major gap

by Kooshan on


 There is a major gap between the interests and feelings of Iranians abroad and real Iranians inside.

The anti-regime Iranians outside has no shame of wanting US nuking
Iranians. For them, just like Israel regime, less Iranians is better. They can take back Iran and have 
more share of what is left of it.

This is the very mindset why Iran will never go back to those glory days of Cyrus the great. Our hatred towards each otherfar overweighs to our peaceful coexistence and respect for law  n' order. It is a cultural issue as a result of centuries of invations and atrocities inflicted upon this nation.





correction: no nukes for islamic republic.

by mousa67 on

after the regime change in tehran precisely as i start giving out free bottles  of coke or pepsi (choice is theirs. their "undeniable right") at shahyad square to mamoors of islamic republic who could not escape to the west, work will start on building a world class nuclear facility at tehran. with active help and assistance of israeli and US scientists.


Nukes for Iran only after IRR is totally destroyed and gone!


The Islamic Republic of Rapist is a cancer that must be destroyed! Once its' gone, then we can start a dialogue on what and how much nukes a democratic Iran can handle. Till then no nukes!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Nukes for Israel Only Association.


Re: China

by easycake on

that was 
anti-dumping tariffs -- meaning teh sell way-bellow market price in America... not that they sell a lot in America and below market, but way below that is not neccessary 


oh U-R So Beautiful,wish Whitney Huston was here to sing it to

by easycake on

Oh wow, saying so good! 


even non-regime supporters pick up a gun to defend Iran_Nah, No

by easycake on

the Author thinks it this way, but it would be higly unlikely! 

many times we all seen the Glory that Iranian poeple have for America & the West portion of the 5+1.

if just the Appriciation for "make-up looks" of Iranian women is not enough to show you that; look at the Cars, Dress, Food, etc that Iranians are apprciating and care about!   People of Iran are Fed-Up with their System & the Regime in Iran.... and they are smart enough Not to co-operate with Regime at any cost!.

America & "the West "in the 5+1 are all united in front -- they are part of "War against Nuclear Iran"... The Least that would happen starts with many of Iranian People attacking Goverment and Bassigee HQ's in small to big cities! ... jsut look at what happened in Lybia, and would start happening in Syria... poeple in Syria are asking Why America is not Helping them and attacking the regime and its Forces!


Iranians, They Know the West; and they Trust the West!  they have mixed their culture with the West!  

it's better if people take the Fight into tehir own hands...People need to Start the Strikes against the Regime, and all move together as united and at once!  then, theywould push bassigies Out beofre the blood shed starts! ... in wich the Bassigi would be Shooting Bassigi to stop Blood Shed !

All it would take, is to have 1.5 people to stop Their Cars at any given "Trafic Light" (i.e.: at 9:00AM) on a given Day;   and walk out of their Car with their Key's in hand! ... Country & the Regime would be paralized in 3-4 days ! and all Bassigies take Cover in Hiding or flee to Dobai or Iraq ! 

Brian Appleton

after no nukes then what?

by Brian Appleton on

 Mohammad jaan, I agree with most of your points however abandoning a nuclear program by whatever regime rules Iran can only be seen as a capitulation to the American Empire which opposed the revolution of 1979 which ousted their puppet to start with. The West is not interested in Iran savings its face although a diplomatic solution which does that would be much more effective than the hammer. The trade of uranium for finished feul rods almost worked out in the past would be a possible solution but a peaceful solution has never been the goal of the military industrial complex. If Iran completely capitulates and abandones its nuclear program this will be seen as only the beginning of Iran being recolonized and returned to a vassal state of the American Empire. "Joining the Global Community" means becoming part of the vast consumer base that multinational corporations sell to and disregard any cultural or ingineous values a people or nation might have which only stand in the way of making sales. I think that Iran is the symbol of the soveriegnty which all vassal nations strive for witness the "Arab Spring." The reason that Iran is so vexing to the USA is that for the past 33 years this unpopular regime has managed to maintain Iran's sovereignty albeit at a horrible price. The protests of Occupy Wall Street and at every world economic summit demonstrate that there is a pent up desire on the part of all peoples everywhere to be out from under the corporate yoke...there is nothing free about a "free market system." It has to be enforced militarily.

There isn't a day that I am not approached by a beggar in the streets of American cities and suburbs which tells me that the Imperial system is failing and one needn't go as far a field as Iran to understand that.

Brian H. Appleton


Rasool Aryadust


The time has come

by Simorgh5555 on

This regime must be removed. No 'if's. No 'but's. This regime must go. An official ultimatum must be delivered to Syed Khamenei to dissolve his regime and allow for free secular democratic elections. Of course, the Terrorist Leader Syed Ali Geda will reject this thus leaving no choice but military action for the removal of the Terrorist regime. 

33 years has been too long. Now is the time for decisive action. For those opposed to military action please suggest how this regime can be dismantled and I don't mean within fifty years to a century. I mean within the next 6 months to a year. I'm afraid the chances of the Terrorist IR Regime being removed other than by military action is virtually non-existant.

War with the IR Terror regime is almost inevitable.

Please support military action.  


 If khamenie et al have

by vildemose on

 If khamenie et al have just arrived at the realizations that Obama never intended to trust the mullahs on anything (with or without any agreement) then they are dumber than I thought.

Khamenie et al should also know whether they give up their nuclear ambition or not, the status quo cannot survive.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Nuclear Red Herring

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Apartheid regime of South safrica, despite having a very advanced Nuclear Energy programe of it's own, was Embargoed, on all economic and political fronts due  it's vile Racist policies against it's balck citizens. This embargo was supported by all nations and led to the collapse of apartheid regime and establishment of rule of law and democracy in south africa

Question: why is Iran's  human rights issue, much worse than apartheid south africa's, not at all a factor in these sanctions? What is the real intention of these sanctions? 

I guess we'll know the answers to my questions soon, as Khamenei is cleary backing off on nuclear issue in order to save his throne........ 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by vildemose on


 China exports/manufactures 50% of all solar panels to the world. The US just imposed a tariff on Chinese solar panels. Why couldn't the morons in Iran learn from the Chinese?


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir



by Fred on

The sane and free world should not lift the sanctions and must increase it to the point where the warmongering messianic Islamist Rapists cry uncle.
The Islamist Rapists must permanently stop their weaponized nuke, discard all the equipments, and not for “NOW” as suggested by this write up.

After that step, Islamist Rapists must allow an internationally supervised election to see if Iranian people want Islamist Rapists or not. Failing either of the above two condition, would indicate Islamist Rapists are buying time to get to the point to "manage the world" as they have promised.