Evin "Will be Turned Into Park"

Plan to relocate notorious prison out of Tehran


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Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Faramarz jan

Of course! everybody had a copy in hand. You should have seen the long line. The beet vendors association members were having a ball, if you know what i mean!

 At one instance, i think i saw him too walking around, with those Rayban shades on and an unbottoned shirt. ewww...you know? anyway. everyone has got the message and know and trust him to be the one who saves them. i reassured them that he will tell them more about his plans in his next two or three books:)

esteey tuuuned!


If there was Karbala in Iranian Culture, it is Even Prison

by عموجان on

Where those who spoke of rights for their people but they been tortured and executed by their government.   

That place should be closed and turned in to a memorial museum in the name of people who gave their life for Iran.  

Islamic Republic can’t cover up their crimes by just turning it to a park  


This is not a good news

by divaneh on

That means they want to take prisoners to a location out of sight while also demolishing the notorious prison. I agree with tapehnamjoo that it should become a landmark such as Auschwitz to remind Iranians of all the injustices that prisoners suffered and the high price that they paid for their convictions.


 DM: Evin prison is one

by vildemose on

 DM: Evin prison is one big giant crime scene. I think the international investigators would want to visit that place at some point and gather evidence, data or whatever they need if given permission after or before the mullahs are toppled.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Doctor Mohandes

by Faramarz on

Did you see Trita's book at Tehran Book Fair?

The one about rolling the dice, Sheesh-o-besh!

Dr. Mohandes

So damn Obvious?

by Dr. Mohandes on


You can imagine the level of crimes committed in there that this time really as we say in french "gandesh dar oomadeh" so that this time around this poor melat's intelligence is insulted even more shamelessly by selling them this shit.

(oh...not sure how sensitive the new crew is to usage of these kinda words...i guess i am about to find out soon?:))

 Vildemose: how come? i don't see the connection. enlighten please.

Faramarz: Hal kardam. That was a beatiful line there brother. I went to the tehran book fair today and i kept remembering your jokes and imagined all the jokes you would tell had you been there. actually all of you guys...shazdeh...AO...fesenjoon, everyone.  

They had patrols stationed at around every god damn corner and every gate and they were actually picking people out and up, into their delapidated vans. i kid you not man. plain pathetic.


Open Air Prison

by Faramarz on

A prison is still a prison even if you can see the stars.


 This is related to RP's

by vildemose on

 This is related to RP's court case against crimes of Ayatollah Khamenie against Humanity....International Criminal Court should be notified immediately.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Anonymous Observer

Fred, Mousa and Dr. Mohandes

by Anonymous Observer on

have it right as far as the motives.

Nothing more to add. 


Park is good and good is

by Thought on

Park is good and good is desirable.


tempering with evidence at the scene of crime.

by mousa67 on

using police jargon. 

Dr. Mohandes

Lying SOB's.

by Dr. Mohandes on

Only god knows what kind of massive clean up/ cover up operation these bastards are running in there.


It should be kept as it is,

by tapehnamjoo on

It should be kept as it is, a prison museum, with blood stained walls and screams echoing throughout its torture chambers, to remind everyone of the crimes that were committed and continues to be committed there.  Iran will never forgive these animals and forget their crimes even if they try to hide their bloody hands by turning every prison in our country to a park.


Dirty Islamic

by jmyt17 on


Good, thanks for closing? How many people killed/Raped without any reason in that place?

Let is close it and open a park and give a dirty islamic name to this new park.



Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

Out of sight will NOT be out of mind, Islamist Rapist Republic(IRR) must  release all the Iranian hostages.