China buying oil from Iran with yuan

Iranian ambassador confirms

BBC: China is buying crude oil from Iran using its currency the yuan, an Iranian diplomat has said. Oil transactions are usually settled in dollars but US sanctions make it difficult for Iran to accept payments in the US currency. Iran is using the revenue to buy goods and services from China, Mohammed Reza Fayyad, Iran's ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, confirmed.

The Iranian ambassador's comments, reported by the Reuters news agency, confirmed a report in the Financial Times that claimed that Unipec - a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned oil firm Sinopec - was buying the oil, as was another company called Zhuhai Zhenrong.

Meanwhile, China has been trying to promote usage of yuan as an international currency as a rival to the dollar, including the establishment of a new offshore trading centre in London alongside the existing centre in Hong Kong. According to the FT report, China has been providing the currency to Iran via Russian banks rather than its own domestic banks >>>


Arash Kamangir

chinese can't get their mouth full!

by Arash Kamangir on

Chinese appetite for raw material has no end. They can't get their mouth full!


Thought suggest maturity vs Naivety

by Thought on

Thought suggest maturity vs Naivety at least when it comes to business.


God loving people in need of Godless, to feed them

by عموجان on

To those who said Khomenei brought them closer to God,

Shah was way way closer to God than these Godless Akhoonds.