Ahmadinejad lashes out at opponents

Parliament rejects Iran subsidy cuts proposals

Reuters - A committee of Iranian lawmakers has rejected a government plan to increase prices for subsidised food and fuel in a move that threatens to derail a drive to rein in the country's sanctions-squeezed budget, Iranian media reported late on Saturday. International sanctions imposed over Iran's nuclear programme have sharply reduced the amount of money Tehran earns from oil, upping pressure on President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to push through cuts in government spending worth tens of billions of dollars by scaling back subsidies for the population >>>



mr oon yaroo: Khomeini was greedy like ahmadinejad.

by mousa67 on

he liked pepsi coke and fanta all at the same time. if you dont believe me ask mamoor mamoor and thought mamoor who are experts on shedding light on and worshipping  the darker orifices of ahmadinejad's anatomy. LOL.

Mardom Mazloom

Mamooti confesses (Min 1:47 )

by Mardom Mazloom on

۱- ۵۰۰ - ۱۵۰ در صد تورم !! (اگر میگفت ۳ میلیارد در صد تورم بیشتر میچسبید)
۲- تولید کشور (خواهد خوابید) خوابیده
۳- اقتصاد (خواهد خوابید) خوابیده
۴- مملکت ور شکست (خواهد شد) شده

This is in response to some mamoore who after the selection of this guy (three years ago) wrote 'Iranians won big'!! Yes, each Iranian won a 'zam zam bottle' which is big - if not huge


what thought thinks?

by مآمور on

 Ahmadi lit a light or he just cursed the darkness?? I think, he did both!

I wear an Omega watch


Faramarz, how can one stop a monkey from riding a donkey?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Especially when the monkey has so many donkeys to choose from.  This Cheeky monkey loves riding donkies, its impossible at this stage to ask him to walk.  Mohammad Reza Pahlavi gave the people respect, valued their culture and development, he was too good and far more than the USA/UK/France wanted to allow for Iran.


He talks like he knew details to how corruption was happing!

by عموجان on

Doesn’t that make him look like he was cooperating with them, since during his presidency he didn’t do any thing to stop it?


I bet my watch Faramarz

by مآمور on

So far, this has been the best Ahmadi's performance out of many when he speaks blunt!!

Ahmadi will stay, will go on

I wear an Omega watch


The thieves are at each others throat.

by Liberated on

As Ahmadi explains its all about the Islamic Thugs controlling revenues and shifting it to their pockets. 

So where is their ideology.  They look more and more like the pigs in Animial House by George Orwell.

So much pressure now that the thieves are at each others throat.


LOL Prices Up, Subsdies Down, Remember the Great Ruhollah???

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

LOL Economics is For Donkeys, he said.  Our people came to the Streets for EMAM, doesn't that tell you everything you need to know?????

Look Iran could use good economists now EMAM, your prayers didn't get the results we were all expecting.  Iranians now realize what is for donkeys and what is not for donkeys.  Today having leadership that understands economics would help after 33 years of decline.


Above link answers bbc.


Thought promotes

by Thought on

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Oon Yaroo

Dear Mousa67!

by Oon Yaroo on

What was the favorite of Khomeini? Pepsi or Coke?

How about Khamenei?




or they can both move to greenwich village or castro in SF.

by mousa67 on

nearer to their mamoors.


Ahmadi's Retirement Plans

by Faramarz on

If he manages to stay alive for another year, he will end up in Dubai playing golf with his buddy Mashaei on Abu Dhabi Celebrity Golf Tournament!


angry and frustrated

by mousa67 on

he sounds just as angry and frustrated as all his mamoors on iranian.com. except he has not yet ran away to the west :)



ملیجک دربار خامنه ای!


He has lived his 15 minutes of fame and now it is time for him to go and keep quiet.