13 sentenced for "spying for Israel"

"Lured" by satellite television networks

IANS: An Iranian court has sentenced 13 people found guilty of spying for Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, Press TV reported Sunday. Branch 15 of Tehran's Revolution Court delivered the verdicts Sunday, stating that the convicts had been lured into spying for the Mossad by overseas-based satellite television networks and clever advertisement campaigns, the report said without details on the verdicts, Xinhua reported >>>


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May a Jewish rocket land.on the houses

by Simorgh5555 on

Of all those who support the Islamic REPUBLIC.

May their houeses be destroyed by a JEWISH rocket along with their entire family.

May the dome of their mosques be destroyed by a JEWISH rocket.


Peef Peef what is that smell?

by divaneh on

Oh, it's bull shit. More bull shit out of IRI to justify an even more intense war against the sat dishes.

So waht were these idiots doing for Israel? They asked him to draw the layout plan of the park? Perhaps those bastard Israelis want to attack our parks' toilets and inflict stomach ache on Iranians. They want to make our parks Nejes by those who can not resist the nature call.

Interestingly this is the only thing that IRI has in common with the rest of the world. Other countries arrest Iranian spies, and so does IRI.


$1200, that’s all it takes?

by عموجان on

To turn someone against Islamic Republic.  

I guess we all need something to do when you are unemployed 


they must be isreali cyber spies like me.

by mousa67 on

arrested by islamist republics brave west residing cyber agents like our own mr ahmadinejad mamoor. LOL


Obviously, It is Fabrication and confessions

by Azarbanoo on

By their own Thugs.  Shame on IRR/IRI, noone believes you any more.



by maghshoosh on

This seems to be as much about fabricating a case for banning satellite channels.  Up till now, foreign satellite TV was engaging in soft war and cultural infiltration, now they're also manufacturing spies.  Why doesn't PressTV reciprocate by teaching Westerners journalism and having them encourage defection of their relatives, and culturally subvert the enemy by advertising for piety & the veil?