"This is war is against ourselves"

Ron Paul


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One of the last honest

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American politicians who's still standing. In 5 minutes, he exposes and condemns the wasteful, useless wars that we have been fighting, thanks for posting it here. 


Our Bombs of Benevolence.... LOL so true

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Paul says....This isn't a war because our enemies have no ships, planes or military.... Could there be other reasons for starting this war, that is really not a war?...asks Paul

On who we are fighting and why.

War is a Business as seen by US Government, extremism gaining strength and getting in to power is the USA's goal, because extremism suffocates all the things the late shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi worked for his entire life, like freedom, peace, progress, development, human rights etc  It is critical to add that the powers and people that fund various terrrorists like saudi's and iran all came to power with USA help and are kept in power with USA help as USA's number one goal is the Africanization of the Middle east as was intended by Jimmy Carter who ordered the support and assistance of the USA for extremists against freedom lovers.


Pity the many unaware/deceived/niave Iranianson IC, too many to list, that wrote messages in support of using extremists in the attacks on Libya's Ghaddafi and Syria's Assad, these clueless Iranians were under the impression that the USA wanted to spread Democracy with these extremists when the only thing the USA was and has done is arming and supporting extremists, like belhaj to be the power and swallow all the nincompoop prodemocracy activists which they promoted and inspired only to use them to convince Americans they are doing good, so they can create the political support necessary to get politicias to support the real mssion.  In the process the Middle east becomes more and more Religious Extremist and our King and Country have been sold out by these used up so Called Pro-Democrats among Iranians, who in the case of both Syria and Libya on this IC site proved before the internet that our so-called democrats are still clueless and unaware patsys that can be used time and again to harm iran, like they harmed Iran in 1979 by betraying King and Country. Well maybe not them exactly, but people that were part of th previous generation & thinking exactly the same as them in 1979. I'm just frustrated so many among the new generation have not learned to overcome the manipulation that was used in 1979 and is being used today again and again.  It's like these iranians wish to be used and will allow it.


well said

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