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Kelarabad's "Behesht-e-Darya" in Mazandaran

Price starting from $699,000 to $1,200,000:


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by Roozbeh_Gilani on

On filthy, corrupt, thieving Islamists for creating such inequality in our country.

Between 44.5 and 55 percent of Iran's urban population lives under the poverty line

Read more: //


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Occupy Kelarabad!

by Disenchanted on

          Any idea what income inequality looks like in Iran?! Is there any data that shows what percentage of total assets is owned by top 0.001% of the population! So much for Islamic justice! Halaluja! :-) 



by fidelio5 on

just because you spend a lot of money on something doesn't automatically make it 'nice"

this is in bad taste.

Example: I've seen some very expensive Rolex watches that are downright ugly and gaudy. I've seen equally expensive ones and many more at fractions of the price that are far more elegant.

I was on a business trip in Beijing last year and I walked into a luxury watch store across from Tianenmen Square. I saw the most god awful Rolex priced at $700K!!! i wouldn't pay $15 for it.


Romanian gypsy gansters in Bucharest ...

by reader1 on

.. have similar, if not better taste in architecture.




by MRX1 on

The concern should be destruction of green environment in a country that is semi arrid to begin with.


From Zoorabad in Karaj to Kelarabad in Mazandaran!

by fanoos on

Modern and ugly versions of the Kaah-Gell structures in Zoorabad of Karadj. The aftermath of 1979 in Iran caused the lowest and most uneducated and backward layers of the Iranian society switch places and rolls with the most sophisticated and the most progressive and the most modern ones. Gahie Posht Be Khar and Gahie Khar Be Posht! The former group was manifested in the violent gangs coming from places like Zoorabad in Karadj and Hallabiabad in south of Tehran. They took control of various key government positions and raped Iran out of her wealth and belongings. The result is what you see as modern, eyesore, tacky, and detestable structures in Kelarabad! Happy revolting Mr. and Ms. revolutionaries!


What is wrong with having a nice villa

by iamfine on

I cannot underestand why we are making such a big thing about having a villa close to the caspian sea. We should be happy rather than making negative comments


Good taste, no money or no taste, good money!

by Arj on

Under IRI, especially in recent years, there exists a class of nouvaeau riche, upstarts -- with virtually no solid cultural pedigree, yet unlimited access to sources of money -- who are eager to flaunt their wealth with little to no taste in style!

If the exteriors of these villas are perceived as architectural monstrosities, one should take a look at their interiors!


Shahs of Sunset in Mazandran!

by Faramarz on

And keep complaining about the Shahs of Sunset, as if they are not Iranians like these people are not.

LA did not create the Shahs of Sunset, Iran did. Deal with it!

Hafez for Beginners

completely severed

by Hafez for Beginners on

Architect: As a person trained in architecture, watching these monstrocities, these Mc Mansions,  produced by the very nation that designed the majestic city of Isfahan, is truly heart braking.

The Italians haven't taken things this far. They can still distintuish between design and "kitsch" - in their architecture; even their modern architecture. It seems like we're a people completely severed from our artisitc heritage. You can be modern and maintain your heritage - the lasting quality is witnessing harmonious design. This stuff was an embarrassing eye-sore, like seeing someone wearing a suit with 3 sleeves, 4 trouser legs, sporting 2 hats and a T-shirt over the whole outfit. 



another gaudy

by fidelio5 on

Mc Mansion monstrosity.

whats hilarious is that at :50 you can see an identical heap in the distance!.

If you're going to erect something in bad taste at least make it unique!

Jahanshah Javid

ویلاهای آمریکایی در مازندران

Jahanshah Javid

گرونتر از امریکا :)

Oon Yaroo

PN Jaan, I'll bring Red Wine if you invite us to your Villa in K

by Oon Yaroo on

Kelarabad. I bet yours is worth at least $2M! :-)))




by پندارنیک on




ملاحظات محیط زیستی‌ و هر چه که فکرش را بخواهید کنید به کنار، تا
چشم خانواده کثیف و حریص پهلوی
کور شود که چه میکردند اگر کسی‌ میخواست در
نزدیکی‌ قصر‌های ویلاییشان چیزکی بسازد.............تا چشمتون در بیادش،
دربدر‌های حرومزاده پس افتاده رضا قلدر...

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ارزانی‌ تازه به دوران رسیدگان و عیارانِ روزگار.