"Unethical" Films Condemned

Ahmad Khatami at Friday Prayers


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Good one Divaneh

by RostamZ on

I get a good laugh of these IRI agents on this site. When you see their thought process then you realize what a messed up brain they have. They keep  worrying about Phalestine and try to get some attention but no one on this site buys into their nonsense.


این بابا خودش هنرپیشه فیلمهای لواط بود


معمولاَ نقش زیری رو می دادند به ایشون.


Unethical Israeli Films about Iranians (War Mongering: Iranium)

by ILoveIran on

Israeli attempts to soften the hearts of the public for the purpose of killing Iranians. (Film: 'Iran-ium') 




by MRX1 on

You shoud change your name from IloveIran to Ihatejews and done with. every posting is about jews and isreal. I am so facinated with the obsession that you islamists have with jews!!! seriously what is it, your jewish doctor billed you too much? or your jewish attorney didn't work hard on your green card? or a jewish girl turned you down in a night club?

Not without my daughter was about some scum bag guy (The kind that you probably admire and hang out with!) who kidnapped her daughter and treated wife like shit. The charges that the husband have not denied to this date. By the way It was a kind and generous Iranian who helped her and daughter to scape the country, so the film didn't portray every Iranian as some savage animal it did acknouledge good and bad that exists in every society.

The funny part about all this is, the only country in mideast that actualy admires and respect Iran and it's rich history and culture is Isreal not your beloved Arabs of all flavors!!!  keep on dreaming though.


Unethical Israeli Films about Iranians

by ILoveIran on

Israeli-produced film starring Sally Field titled "Not without my Daughter,"  was an insidious character assassination against the Iranian people that depicted Iranians as willing to kidnap American women and mistreat children.  Sally Field played the mistreated American bride and Sheila Rosenthal and Roshan Seth co-starred as 'Mahtob Mahmoody' and "Houssein the Smuggler," respectively.  The film was made in Israel.


Iranians are not the only one's who have been defamed, but one group in Hollywood seems to escape that: Can you guess which?