Shah hands over reign

1967 coronation in reverse



I wish..

by Aarash4545 on

You could also turn the time back on these mother fuckers as well...


Yesterday's Kids!

by Demo on



Check out the below for the times when the hands of his & of many before/after him were not 'dirty' yet:





Hassan Sabah, Babak Khoramdin

by Manam_Babak on

Not till we come accross another Hassan Sabah, or Babak Khoramdin , Iran will be occupied by Arab loving Musilms. We might yet see the day that if you speak persian in public, you will be subject to slashes. Or prisoned if celebrating Nurouz. These Mullas fought for centuries to get back in power in Iran, they are not going anywhere any time soon. If we read our history of Arab invasion, we can easiliy see what is to come.


I am so lucky

by عموجان on

Was born & raised when he was on power otherwise I woudln't have known what Iranian meant, I even may thought I was an Arba "god forbId". 

I like this clip and the music.  



by پندارنیک on

I don't know what Iran would've looked like without His Majesty..........but I do know IC would've been soooooooooo boring without Him.................


The super hero costume!!!

by Arj on

Khamenei should take a look at this clip, perhaps it gets him to think about the consequences of being an egocentric prick! Alas, when still in power, all megalomaniacs think they are invincible (must be the cape and the funny hat!!!)!