Rich Iranians Refuse to Invest in IRI

Says Ayatollah Amini in Qom Friday Prayer sermon


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Lack of investor trust?

by ILoveIran on

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

These bastards even killed people and confiscated their properties as soon as they came to power. And now they want Iranians living in exile to go back and invest so these parasites can fatten themselves. Shameless thieves!

Anyone who deals with the Mullahs is slimmer than them.


No differnece between Iranian investors and any other

by divaneh on

Investment follows political stability. As long as your mafia is in power, there will be no investment, Iranian or non-iranian.


Hillarious and Sad at once.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Before 1979 the amount of money leaving iran was so little, Iranians would not take their wealth out of the country.  Last Night I was at a Celebration in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum for the Iranian New year and I got to meet many Iranians that had been to school and University in Iran, they were discussing how most of them from their class now lived outside Iran.  Not only has the money gone. but also great people are gone too.  It is Important that Secular Muslims of Iran reflect on the past and start to rejoice regarding the late
shah of Irans years as king of Iran and the countrys first ever push
towards industrialization.  Iranians need these Mullahs to be patriotic towards Iran and that would mean 1)be  open regarding their
support for a separation of church and state "secularism" and 2) actively show their
appreciation for the Shah-han-shahi of Iran, 3) specifically the service
of the pahlavi family for Iran, who were busy building as fast as they could the institutions Iran needed to become a secular democracy over time.  Some Ayatollahs are too deeply involved
with the corrupt islamic authorities and wll go down with the ship, but
not most and so as pressure builds on Khameneii's team by the USA
trying to support another group of mollahs, the khatami crowd, Irans Ayatollahs need to
stand firmly against this as well as take some accountability for having
mislead so many people towards their deaths and tortures during and
after 1979.
This is the best damage controll they can do as building on 1979 will be another abject failure.  Religion will only be able to function outside government in
a society that is free to debate its value or lack of value freely.  The next
few years can be the end of Islamic tyranny over Iran, Mollahs will have a
say in what comes next and either their honesty will come
through or we will receive even more agenda driven dishonesty from the mullahs which can harm
Iran even more than they already have.  IRI's Ship is sunk and now is
the time to act based on lessons learned from 1979 and how the Pahlavi years were for Peace, Security, Human Rights, Iranian Freedom and Progress.  The US Empire is now In Decline as a direct result of the 1979 betrayal of Iranians, the US ability to lose Iranians is a competitive advantage loss all their friends and partners, the brits, the french, the russians and the chinese are all going to cherish & looking forward to.

Ari Siletz

Wait a minute...

by Ari Siletz on

...who's responsible for investor lack of trust? 


اقتصاد مال خره


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