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U.S. Media Privately Briefed On War With Iran By General McCaffrey Retired U.S. Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who was not only a member of the Pentagon’s propaganda program, but also, according to Barstow’s second stand-alone article, had his own “Military-Industrial-Media Complex,” deeply invested in many of the very war policies he pushed and advocated while posing as an NBC “analyst” >>>


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by hirre on

So true.... At the same time ILoveIran, what do you have to do to stop Iran from financing Hamas & Hizbollah? Dismantle the state of Israel? This cowardly terror supporting activity that Iran has started decades ago has resulted in the fact that now Israel is supporting Jundullah & MEK, is that progress?

You can not neglect the fact that Iran has an open agenda to destroy Israel, although it would be impossible, they still have it and use terror as a weapon. Israel has not an agenda to destroy the state of Iran, but will stop the IR if it has to.

In the case of Iran, how do you change that agenda? Do you talk to Iran to just remove it from the list? Do you think the mullahs agree? Are we not Iranians looking for a better Iran? If Iran becomes free, would you still support the agenda of the IRI? The problem is not one-way. But sooner or later people will get tired of threats and the first punch will be delivered... No one is innocent, but as an Iranians I see more serious problems in Iran because of the religious attitudes than I see in Israel & US. Imagine if the military power would be reversed, Iran would not hesitate to destroy every inch of US & Israel...


War for Profit

by Sialashgar on

Westerners are not any better then the mollahs and that is why i always get mad when some people on this side want to demonize Iranian government as the evil of all eviles. Which is not true the western government kills lot more people including Iranian then the mollas .


Iran is not for any

by Khebedin on

Iran is not for any particular religion, race , or party. Iran belongs to all Iranians, as has always been. I am proud of people like Benyamin who confirm this. We all have suffered some form of discrimination. Rashties, Turks, Isfahanies, Ghazvinese, etc... But this is simply caused due to lack of education, and is a problem we need to address ourselves. Americans would not solve this for us. My best friends in Iran have been of various religions, Moslem, Kalimies, Christians, Zardoshties, etc...

G. Rahmanian

You see, dear Arj!

by G. Rahmanian on

As usual you have gotten things wrong! Although I used this case, mine was a sarcastic comment aimed at those who claim Americans hate Iranians, lumping a whole nation together in order to justify their attacks against other Iranians opposing the regime.

As an intelligent person who must have known my position on war by now, you could simply display the required decency to ask what I actually meant/implied.


Re knee jerk Reaction!

by Arj on

Dear GR, I have no desire to engage in a back and forth exchange of diatribes with you, so I'm just going to wave your insult away! But, speaking of Don Quixote, don't you think that it befits your reaction below (and I'm not talking about the general trend, for as I said, I have no interest to get into that)?! It's as if you had a rubber stamp ready to make an assumptionn about this guy!  

I, on the other hand, simply pointed out that what this guy is saying has nothing to do with his source of income and that this channel (The Young Turks) is a liberal/left leaning channel that in most part covers issues that matter to its one million or so U.S. viewers! Where did I mention anything about U.S. imperialism here? On the contrary, I defended these guys' right to free speech under the U.S. constitution (first ammendment?) and univerdsal charter of rights! You however, seem to be abusing such rights by automatically suggesting/accusing him of being paid by a certain interest group to cast doubt on his credebility!

Nonetheless, thanks for the lecture (for what it's worth)!


Benyamin I agree with your sentiment entirely,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It is important to also be aware that as a nation most of us have been badly manipulated using that exact sentiment though.  You see, one of the best hero's our country ever had in the last millenia, who put iran above himself and truly served iranians highest interests, who lived as a principaled man and never misused the secret service was portrayed by gutless Iranians and foreign competitors as a dictator, a megalomaniac, a corrupt leader, a brutal tortureror and the people of Iran were lead like an orchestra, using your exact same sentiment towards "defending their family from this dictator/monster, who was infact our hero all along and thereby betraying our Kaveh" Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as he focussed his life on Iranians Peace, Development, Progress, Human Rights, Freedom and Justice to the best of the abilities of the Iranians he had to work with themselves.

Benyamin Today Iranians desperately need to work together to remove this IRI and extremism which the west loves for Iran and supports in practice.  Please don't be distracted by the daily games of the west, presenting itself as pro-democracy yet in practice they are not, presenting themselves as respecting and admiring the culture and people of Iran yet in practice they do not and lets fix the mistakes our parents generation absolutely did make and save our great people by supporting our Iranian Shahanshahi (or the idea of a king/if Reza Pahlavi chooses to not be a King/until we find another). 

This is not the time to look up to the USA as a helper or representative of anything, with the exception of their government being as phony as holllywood & doing an excellent job at creating images that people want to believe in, but are actually mostly lies.


War?....What is it for?

by Benyamin on

I am of a minority religion from Iran that have wittnessed nothing but discrimination against by the IRI thugish regime! Having said that, I declare solomnly if there is any attack on Iran by USA or Israel or Nato I choose my family over any Democracy or freedom in less than a Nano second!!!!

My family comes first, any attack on Iran equals attack on my family. I choose todefend them, Not democracy!!!

G. Rahmanian

Knee jerk reaction!

by G. Rahmanian on

Dear Arj: As usual you jumped to conclusion without having the slightest idea what my comment was aimed at. Thus the knee jerk reaction.

You, on the other hand, seem to think that the whole world turns around US imperialism vs. the rest of the "innocent" states. And there are guys like yourself who have risen against imperialistic ambitions of the US.

The reason you have this macho mentality is twofold: a. Spending too much time finding faults with what amounts to different views from yours on this site. b. Due to your political leanings you have a lopsided perception of what the US foreign policy is all about.

In the US, as you may have noticed, there are civil liberties that allow people to express their opinions without the fear of being executed in public on drumed up and irrelevant charges.

Again, the very expression of "mainstream" implies the very simple concept that there exists, in the US, non-mainstream media. Most, if not all, of the information that you and others rely on, however, does come from such "mainstream" sources. The problem often lies in the final analysis of the pieces of information and how they get moulded according to each individual's world outlook.

The Don Quixotesque style of seeing "others" as not only wrong, but also as enemies lurking in every corner of this site is rooted mainly in your mistaken perception that you have answers to all the problems that are discussed here.

One last thing: I have neither mentioned nor implied IR or interest groups in my comment.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

I learned from this post:

Defence Contractors'

Profit before Afghan/Iraq Wars = $6 billion

Defence Contractors profit after Afghan/Iran Wars = $24 billions

My calculation for the amount of free money we as Americans paid to Israel during the last 10 years:

'$3 billions A Year X 10 Years' = $30 billions

Business Is Booming for the defence contractors and Israel.


War Propaganda

by ILoveIran on

There is an overwhelming amount of war propaganda on this site also: Much of it is calculated to show how bad Iranians are to soften the hearts of the public for making a case in attacking Iran.

It is also clear that there are at least half a dozen User IDs coordinating to do this.


Sparrowlake False/wrong/unaware of reality the #1 purpose of

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

of Muslim Countries despite what they say and based on their history, especially in the last 40 years, is to kill fellow muslims, considering that is in fact what 99% of all the people they have killed were.  And this is why the USA/UK/France have no problem supporting muslim extremists and love them for iran instead of democracy, which if you believed wests PR they are pretending to support democracy for Iran, Muslim Extremists are no threat to the west in practice and reality just a profitable business model, which harms the inhabitants of these countries. 

Sparrowlake, Sit tight and learn how to think, by modelling and questioning me and you will grow closer towards the truth as a person. ; )



and #1 purpose of Muslim countries

by sparrowlake on

is to murder everyone that isn't muslim


Knee jerk smearing!

by Arj on

Not everyone who speaks his/her opinion (with which some of us disagree) is paid by interest groups! This guy is not defending IRI here, he's just talking about what is deliberately overlooked and ignored by the mainstream media who profit from promoting interrest and lobby groups, e.g. sponsors such as oil industry, military industrial complex, pharmaceuticals... Isn't that what internet is for... to provide an alternative source of information?!

Besides, these guys (The Young Turks) don't always talk about politics, but also sports and domestic issues such as healthcare, education and civil rights from a liberal POV! Why would IRI pay for them to promote civil liberties in the U.S.?! Not to mention that if they were paid by interest groups, they would not have advertisements for diet and acne solutions on their website! 


NBC news should be embarrassed!!!!

by Bavafa on

Isn't that a fact, along with other main stream news organizations and the comedy channels such as Faux news.

War profiteering should be made a crime and punishable by law


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



From War Propaganda

by jmyt17 on


What ever we are going to have a war, like it or not, is going to happen soon or later.

Who will make a profit from these wars around that area?

Look how much these companies making money by selling their products to these Gulf countries. When you have a time just look at the numbers please.

Iran is my country. (Not a fan of IRI at all)


G. Rahmanian

I wonder who pays this guy?

by G. Rahmanian on

I'm really impressed. There are indeed Americans who care about Iranians. I was under the impression American imperialists hated Iranian.


All Western Democracies, with out exception use War for Profit

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

War is a Business and that is it's #1 purpose in Western Democracies, to make Money.  P.R. does its job to make sure the majority are unaware of this.  Iraq was a money maker, though P.R. did not explain to people and gave them the impression money was lost & wasted, when it was actually taken from one group and made for another.