Mostafa Badkoobehei: Arabic & Persian

Poet responds to those who say the language spoken in heaven is Arabic


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Reza Nasri

What a despiteful racist

by Reza Nasri on

What a despiteful racist poem. And he speaks of his God of "mehr" and love. What a disgrace. 


He had a good idea but delivery was poor!

by Disenchanted on

To hit "Arab" in th end of every verse is prejudice & racism and no amount of disclaimer at the outset would wash it! He set out to criticize something he correctly found stupid and ignorant. Unfortunately he couldn't deliver this one time! Target should have been "speaking Arabic" in heaven not "Arab"!


One of my favorite poet….

by Bavafa on

And a very talented and brave Iranian who fears NOT to speak his mind


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory