Majles challenges new Mortazavi appointment

Opposition to notorious former prosecutor's new appointment A number of Iranian MPs have criticized the appointment of Saeed Mortazavi to head the Social Security Fund, saying it could lead to the impeachment of the Minister of Cooperatives, Employment and Social Security, Abdolreza Sheykholeslami. MP Parviz Saravari told the Mehr News Agency: “The appointment of Mortazavi to this position is not appropriate. Certain issues have been suggested about Mr. Mortazavi which could cause concern among the members of the organization and politicize the fund.” >>>


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This is the real islam. Denying this causes us harm

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Our Corrupt Religious authorities can dance on the graves of any one they want while they have their knives at the throats of our fellow countrymen, but they will fall harder for having been such a despicable clique and we shall never forget where their real place needs to be. 

The Jails Of iran are meant for those extremists who wish to implement Sharia at the threat of murder and act against the peoples conscience.


Benefits of being a Muslim

by عموجان on

Kill in the name of Islam and you move up ladder of power.  

(11 &1/2 Emam be with you) 


To call this Circus a "Majlis" ("parliament").......

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And this infighting between the Islamist thieves and murderers over who takes the biggest share of the loot, our nations oil revenue, a "Challenge", is surely a massive insult to our forefathers who more than a hundred years ago, gained through armed struggle, the constititutional democracy and parliament for us. Only for us to give it away so easily to another despot, khomeini, ten times worse than any despot before him. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Justice in despotic systems!

by Arj on

Despotic regimes, due to their mafia like make up, provide a suitable environment for the rise of criminals to power, as this guy and Saeid Emami did under IRI, and Nasiri and Parviz Sabeti did under the Shah!

However, since due to their nature, those involved in such regimes have in one way or another and to various degrees, been involved in criminal activities, it's futile to expect prevalence of justice through the existing measures within the system, especially by the members of a parliament who are the system's appointees.

Nonetheless, when push comes to shove and its own survival is jeopardized, the system does not hesitate to sacrifice the more notorious criminals in order to let the less conspicuous ones get away -- as was seen when the Pahlavi regime threw Nasiri under the bus, while Sabeti bailed! 


My list

by MRX1 on

In my list he is the person to be hanged first followed by larijani post IRI. The man is so corrupt, so degenrate, so savage and inhumane.



by hirre on

"Kahrizak Prison was shut down by order of Iran’s Supreme Leader
Ayatollah Khamenei after news of the torture and death of detainees hit
the media."

It's really scary to think of this. Imagine how horrible the situation in the prison must have been so that even the supreme leaders comes and says "no, shut it down"...