Farah Pahlavi Norooz Message

"Year of Hope"


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tehran e Azad

Happy New Year!

by tehran e Azad on

saale now be hameye aasheghane Iran zamin mobaarak!!!


Shahollahis is oxymoron term

by Siavash300 on

Shahollahis consists of 2 components.

A. "Shah" which is referred to head of the state. Behind "Shah" lays over 5000 years Persian history and Great Persian empire. Great civilalization.

B. "Allah" which refers to God according to Arabs. Behind "Allah" lays bare feet arab desert. No civilalization.

Deliberate combination of these 2 words is paradox. it is so called oxymoron such as dark light or living dead. It doesn't go together and  it is contradictory. It indicates lack of respect to Iran's history, if not lack of education.  


Wishing you and your family

by عموجان on

happy norooz also.   

thank you for thinking of us.  


Re Arj

by Arj on

You are the one who brought it up, I make my comments whether it's Noruz or Ashura!

P.S. To be honest, I'm not interested in discussing such issues, for the whole thing's been beaten to death a few times over!



by Aria on

It is Nowruz, give it break.

Enjoy the beginning of Spring.

Come back after 13 bedar and we will gladly listen to all the old stories - Ajax, Rashidian brothers, shaban and etc.

Life is too short to dwell on bitter differences.

May new season bring happiness for all of us. 


Shahollahis and HIM's infallibility!

by Arj on

As Khamenei is seen by Hezbollahis as incapable of making mistakes, Shahollahis try to blame Shah's ineptitude that made him drop the ball, and get him and his clan kicked out of the country by his own people, on everyone but HIM!


Great Iranian lady.... Norooz pirooz

by Siavash300 on

So pleased and happy to hear our shahbanou voice here. She is kind hearted, talented lady who deserves to present Iranian woman among international community.

    Happy Nowrooz shahbanou Farah. Wish you properity and success. Wish to celebrate our Nowrooz next year in our home country. There is always light at the end of tunnel. I am sure we will defeat these Islamic monsters and criminal thugs who occupied our country soon.



The understatement of the day, on THE new year's day!

by anglophile on

" Governments may make mistakes in political, economic or social fields. That's what governments are for; to present a different approach, and be replaced if they fail!"       To equate the turning of the country's constitution upside down as Mossadegh did by holding an unconstitutional referundum and saking the Shah to a mere "mistake" is a typical dodging the main issue by our resident Mossadeghollahis.      Well, at least the ending of the satement is correct: he" failed", and he was "replaced"! Happy New Year lol.  

Darius Kadivar

Of the Three Nowrooz Messages on Front Page Only One ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Matters because it GENUINELY Embodies our Nation


I let you 'guess' which one ... 




Re Arj

by Arj on

I suspect you don't get the point, but I try to reiterate regardless; the issue is not about role models and idols, it's about adhering to constitutional guidlines. Governments may make mistakes in political, economic or social fields. That's what governments are for; to present a different approach, and be replaced if they fail!

However, I do not wish to enter the futile quarrel on Dr. Mossadegh's mandate or legitimacy, but what Shah did with getting increasingly involved in state affairs during and after the 28 Mordad coup, intertwined his fate with the government, hence when people turned on government, he was the primary target! A kind of like the position Khamenei is in now and will be in near future!



by Aria on

Who was our role model who stuck to constitution, Dr. Mossadegh who dissolved the parliament against his constitutional power?

Today is about Nowruz, regardless of differences.

Nowruz mobarak to all of us Iranians, regardless of our beliefs.

May new year bring peace and prosperity for all of us.





On second thought!

by Arj on

What if the 'royal family' had stuck to their traditional and constitutional roles such as managing ceremonial occasions like this and had not tried to micromanage the state affairs?!

Perhaps they would not have been held responsible for the failures of the goverments and would not be toppled so miserably! But then again, as per Shahollahis; "khalayegh har cheh layegh!!!"

Arash Kamangir

Greatest queen Iranzamin can remember

by Arash Kamangir on

Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi is very much respected in the whole world because of her wisdom and knowledge. Most Iranians miss her very much during these terrible times that our country is going through thanks to Zahak and co. Long live Iranzamin

Darius Kadivar

Our Queen of Hearts

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank You Your Majesty


I remember your annual Nowrooz Messages watching them regularly on National Television every year prior to the Devolution of '79 followed by those of the Crown Prince and heir to the Throne of Iranzamin. 


We Shall Overcome as a Nation Either TOGETHER or NEVER ! 


Ham meehananeh Aziz dar Sara sareh Donya va dar Khaneyeh Moshtarakeh Mah Iran ...


Mohammad Ala

Happy Nowruz

by Mohammad Ala on

Sal-e no mabarak to you and ALL Iranians.



by Aria on

Like your colleague, pendar e Nik, you shoul take the night off.

Mr. Khamenie has his hand full these days.  Soon you guys will need to distance yourself from his clan, good that you are using aliases. 


Pendant e Nik

by Aria on

Maybe you should take the night off from Ghods Cyber Army Force and stop giving advice.    But, if you have too much time on your hand, maybe it is not a bad idea to advice Mr. Khamenei's son, Haj Agha Jr., that it is not a good idea to rape people's children in Kahrizak.


 در ساعات عید


 در ساعات عید وقتی ایشان به مزار پسر یا دخترش میرود آیا خودش را به حق بخاطر خودکشی ۲ فرزند ملامت می کند؟؟
آیا این احساس را دارد که شاید اگر کمی بیشتر با این دو وقت می گذاشت می توانست از این ۲ فاجعه یا حداقل یکی از آنها جلوگیری کند؟؟
آنکه به خودی جفا کند!! بر دیگران چه ها کند؟

I wear an Omega watch


pendar nik

by Kofri on

be ghole madaram "bee foozooli"


Easy to Find Hope Your Majesty with you in our corner.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Eid e shoma mobarak, va saleh now barayeh tamameh iranian azad va khoshbakht basheh.



by پندارنیک on




شما به جای این کارا بهتره تشریف ببرید به وظایف مادربزرگی کردنتون برسید.........واسه مادری کردن که وخت نداشتین.........


Norooz shoma ham mobark. Be

by vildemose on

Norooz shoma ham mobark. Be omid azadi Iran va Iranian az changal akhoondahaye khoonkhaar.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Jahanshah Javid


Jahanshah Javid

مثل آدم حرف میزنه

Oon Yaroo

God Bless and happy noruz to Shahbanoo Farah Pahlavi!

by Oon Yaroo on

The only first lady of Iran!