Bill Moyers: Futility of “endless” wars

Interview with West Point graduate Andrew Bacevich years after Baghdad erupted in “shock and awe,” we’re once again hearing in America the drumbeat for war in the Middle East. Now, the bull’s-eye is on Iran. But what we need more than a simple change of target is a complete change in perspective, says Andrew Bacevich, a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran-turned-scholar who’s become one of the most perceptive observers of America’s changing role in the world >>>


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why don't the Iranians in US

by Khebedin on

why don't the Iranians in US contact these type of Americans to discuss the  diffrences between the two country who both need and can help each other. America has many people like them. Iranians should not leave the unwise minority Americans control the relation between Iran and USA


“Endless” Wars

by jmyt17 on


Good One. Veryintersting conversation.

Thank you for posting.



As an Iranian, I enjoy

by Khebedin on

As an Iranian, I enjoy listening to educated minds, and very much appreciate and wish one day such Amricans and Iranians will get the chance to discuss the future of Iran with America and their relation. Only such open and matur minds can provide a way out of current crises.




by ILoveIran on

The Israeli/MEK cyber bloggers with Iranian screen names don't seem to have interest in videos which criticize the futility of war.

long live Iran

A wise perception on what is going on in the region.

by long live Iran on

It is good to see that there are people not effected by media and warmongers in USA.

Long Live IRAN for EVER

PS. No Rajavi`s slaves around to beat war drums here? 

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

and educational conversation between two of the best minds in the United States, thanks for posting.


A conversation well worth the time ....

by Bavafa on

And I highly recommend this for all, especially the second generation Americans who may or may not be as familiar with ME history and policies.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Informative interview!

by Arj on

Thank you GS for posting!