Aramesh Doustdar: Religion vs. Reason

Controversial philosopher

Wikipedia: Aramesh Doustdar is an Iranian philosopher, writer, scholar and a former philosophy lecturer at Tehran University. Doustdar received a PhD degree in philosophy from University of Bonn. He is known in Iran as a secular Heideggerian philosopher.


Omid Parsi


by Omid Parsi on

It is so refreshing to discover a like-minded Iranian scholar who has thought deep and articulated the distilled essence of our gravely ill culture: Sychophancy and dogma, backed up by sheer brutality, resulting in slavish uniformity and obedience.

And it's a tragicomedy that out of 75 million living "people" in Iran so few can see the obvious and dare to spell it out:

A) That "religious philosophy" is a logical contradiction the way "her penis" is a linguistic contradiction.

B) Iran is a "nation" that never saw an invader it didn't like.

C) Iranians thinks of themselves as most noble and independent yet have essentially bent over doggy style 5 times a day, for 1400 years, to suck up to the savage foreign invaders who imposed their insect-like vision of the world by the sword.

D) Iran is a nation that has tormented or murdered its very own best and brightest minds (Kasravi, Hedayat, etc) while looking up to its parasitic and corrupt clergy, and the chorus of "intellectual" charlatans and retards (Shariati, Al Ahmad, etc) who thought there was nothing more noble than the Iranian brand of insanity.

E) Elliptical wordplay and rhyme (Hafez, Saadi, etc) is amusing but essentially worthless as it does not amount to, or worse, is outright antithetical to a philosophy that can ever cast light on the truth.

To top it off, what is most comical is Iranians' collective belief that they are entitled to rule the world! 

Somehow the truth will reveal and assert itself on insane people, and it will not be kind or pretty, specially when they try to win "respect" by nuclear theft and thuggery ...


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Iranian Intellectual @ its BEST.

be zaban khoodi ; merci.


Imam-e Zaman

Good video clip

by Imam-e Zaman on

He raises an issue of utmost important for any society , the issue of examining the culrural values . This explains why Iranians are here but not where they think  should be.

Jahanshah Javid

حالا میفهمم چرا اینقد سرو صدا کرده

Jahanshah Javid

تا الان هیچی از آرامش دوستدار نخونده و نشنیده بودم. حالا میفهمم چرا اینقد سرو صدا کرده. دمش جوش :)