Americans paid to support Mojahedin?

Despite being on U.S. terrorist list

Al Jazeera: For years, high-profile former US officials have backed the Iranian group Mujahiden-e Khalq despite being listed by the US as a terrorist organisation. What lies behind the open support? Guests: Glenn Greenwald, Reza Marashi, Patrick Clawson.


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Forget for a second who is an "IRI agent"

by AMIR1973 on

Instead, let's focus on why opposing delisting is okay for the MEK, but "engaging", doing business with, and "Grand Bargain" with the IRI (whose crimes are 100 times those of the MEK) is the correct policy for the IRI terrorist tyranny.



by MM on

* I am sure that the US government has looked at NIAC's books and satisfied that they are not IRI's agents.  All the evidence shown here and on Dai's site(s), on PDMI's site......and millions of hits on Parsi and NIAC have probably been forwarded to the FBI by the folks here and where has that taken us, but belowing on IC.  Folks here cannot even make up their minds whether NIAC is a CIA agent, an IRI agent, a Mossad agent, ....and it continues.  Give it a break, my friends.

* This blog is not about NIAC and you folks still change the subject and turn it against NIAC.  Did that come up as a major subject in the video?  Why didn't you all object when John Bolton, in his major speech on de-listing the MEK, referred to the MEK as a democratic organization worth supporting by the west?  Who pays for the $$$ millions that the MEK is spending on these money-bagger ex-officials in DC?  And, why do you think that the MEK is spending millions to de-list?  I am sure not out of the goodness of their heart or because they are shamed to be listed as terrorists, right!!!!

* I agree about Ames, but why is that everytime someone is hired by NIAC, he/she is automatically labelled as IRI agents?  IC bloggers even accused Jamal Abdi of being an IRI agent.  And, Jamal was working on the US Capital hill for years in the offices of, e.g., Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) and before that he worked for the state of Washington as a field organizer for national Congressional elections. What gives?

* And finally, NIAC admits to being an American (US) organization that represents a small group of Iranian-Americans, but who does the MEK sleeps with tonight?


NIAC Should Petition the Court

by Faramarz on

The delisting case before the Appelatte Court is about MEK engaging in terrorist activities against the US and civilians in recent years. If NIAC has information that supports that, they should petition with the Court. The State Department, neither under Bush nor now has the evidence therefore they have engaged in delaying tactics. The Court has finally given them a deadline.

The State Department cannot tell the Judiciary what to do.

Unlike the IR where one brother runs the Legislative branch and the other runs the Judiciary and they both listen to Rahbar, here in the US there is separation of powers.

Anonymous Observer

MM- Just because Marashi worked for the State Dept. for 4 yrs.

by Anonymous Observer on

one cannot automatically conclude that he may not have allegiances elsewhere.  Aldrich Ames was a CIA emplyee for 24 years, until his arrest for espionage.


This does not mean that Mr. Marashi is an IR spy, but what I'm saying is that ulterior motives should not be dismissed because the guy was at some point a U.S. government employee.  I personally find him extremely suspecious for many reasons, some of which include his work as a "strategic political analyst" in Iran.  Everyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that no such organization can operate in Iran without being approved by the government, and without it being favorable to the government.  I also find his obsession with a group like MEK quite strange, when at the same time he is advocating unrestricted "business as usaul" approach with the IR, when the IR is the biggest perpetrator of terrorism and crimes against humanity in Iran for the past 33 years.

How many Iranians has the MEK killed?  How many has the IR?   


"the money will flow to the upper MEK management "

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

NIAC can continue to worry about "money flow" being diverted to MKO, it is their "undeniable right" to be so focused on and concerned about money. Fully  appreciated!

As far as MKO/MEK is concerned, the verdict on their deeds, and what to do with them, from supporting Khomeini in early days of revolution, to the massacre of tens of thousands of  their jailed supporters (some as young as 12...) by islamist regime, to their siding with Saddam Hossein in Iran/Iraq war, belongs to Iranian people, and Iranian people only, in a free democratic Iran. Washington residing, multi passport holding,  oil lobbyist gangs with friendly relationships with Islamist regime, the #1 terrorist sponsoring government in world ,with illusions of representing "Iranian americans",  need not apply! 

Again: show us the bank accounts, the tax records, checks and balances, we want to see the source of  "money flow" into NIAC

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Why does NIAC campaign

by AMIR1973 on

Why does NIAC campaign against delisting the MEK, but "engaging" and doing business with the IRI (which is responsible for exponentially more killings than the MEK)? And why pursue a "Grand Bargain" with the world's leading terrorist regime and killer of tens of thousands of Iranians?


Right, Mehrdad

by MM on

I oppose delisting because of the push in DC to represent them as the only democratic opposition to the IRI.  Once delisted, the money will flow to the upper MEK management while the lower ranks will still be oppressed as usual.  And, if you think that the Rajavi duo will come about and have a debate with you on the merits of the Rajavic Islam or what democracy is, you got another thing coming to you.

If I knew that the members will be freed from the Rajavi duo's spell and be de-programmed, then it's something else.  But, look and see how the duo have resisted moving the lower ranks out of Camp Ashraf, resisted being inspected by the UN or violently opposed the inspection by the Iraqi authorities, INSIDE Iraq, that is!


For those poo-pooing Reza Marashi without knowing his past, here is his bio which includes a lot more experience than many of us, including those who contribute blogs twice a day in IC and/or are the first ones to comment on NIAC:

Reza Marashi joined NIAC in 2010 as the organization’s first Research Director.  He came to NIAC after four years in the Office of Iranian Affairs at the U.S. Department of State.  Prior to his tenure at the State Department, he was an analyst at the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) covering China-Middle East issues, and a Tehran-based private strategic consultant on Iranian political and economic risk. Marashi is frequently consulted by Western governments on Iran-related matters.  His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, The National Interest and Al Jazeera, among other publications. He has been a guest contributor to the BBC, NPR, Financial Times, Reuters, and ABC News, among other broadcast outlets.


By this anti-delisting crusade,NIAC sheds light on its hypocrisy

by AMIR1973 on

Namely, that the MEK should be shunned as a terrorist organization, but the IRI whose killings, bombings, kidnappings, hijackings, hostage takings, etc are 100-fold greater than the MEK should be "engaged", negotiated with, traded with, done business with, and ideally a "Grand Bargain" should be reached with it. Hmmm....


One wonders….

by Bavafa on

Whenever there is any discussion about MEK, some will attempt to change the focus on NIAC without uttering a word about the main subject, MEK? 


The whole discussion here is about MEK and their buying power of corrupt US politician yet the focus by some on NIAC!!!!!


Is it a pseudo attempt to defend this cult without going on record in doing so??????



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



The whole Objective....

by masoudA on

Here is:

1- To present MEK as some sort of REAL opposition (as Aljazire puts it: a Democratic alternative which opposes nuclear activities!!!).

2- To present NIAC as some sort of REAL representative of Iranians outside Iran.

Those of you who wonder where support for NIAC comes from - look at whre Trita Parsi comes from and you have your answer.   As I have been saying here, the Northern European Royals have a VERY STRONG lobby here in USA......they even have their boy implanted into the White House.   If you ever wonder why Obama does things against American interests.....your answer is not because he is stupid....he just works for non-Americans who even gave him a $1,8 million Noble Peace Prize, as soon as he took office.

long live Iran

Former CIA director supports MEK!! (shame on MEK)

by long live Iran on

To know MEK better, the confession of CIA and mousad support (do not forget Sadam Husain also) is enough.

To Rajavi`s slave: just wake up. (Shame on MEK)

Long Live IRAN 



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Who funds this tiny, yet very loud lobby group called NIAC which falsely claims to represent "Iranian-Americans"??

Why Is NIAC always attacking any entity which is/has been a serious challenge to Terrorist islamist regime?

Why is NIAC the darling of every supporter of Terrorist Islamist regime on internet sites?

Why is this tiny lobby group given so much coverage and Bandwidth on this site?

We want to see NIAC's bank account records, tax records, all financial transactions. We want to see NIAc's real source of income....

 "Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Glenn Greenwald rocks!

by Disenchanted on

  1.        This guy is a class act! Here you can follow him on Salon://
  2. It was a good debate overall. Good sparring.
  3. The officials who got money from the MEK terrorists have to be forced to return it to the treasury department.
  4. John Bolton's mustche has to be shaved! :-)

G. Rahmanian

MEK in power?

by G. Rahmanian on

MEK in power? It's like saying Tudeh Party, Fedaian or even NIAC in power!

Isn't this a farcically wild argument to bring in just for the heck of it? Is this how the Iranians who have supposedly educated themselves in the west are going to build Iran of post-IR?

Or is this to say, let's be happy with IR because there are "others" who could be worse?


Vultures at a feast!

by Arj on

Forget the issue of MEK/PMOI (for it's political to the core), but the mere notion of such A-holes as Bolton, Giuliani and Ridge... getting involved in determining the fate of our country is scary enough on its own! I hope these SOBs are convicted and rot in jail!.


Torbcheh in Ghormesabzi….

by Bavafa on

Why is it that people oppose putting Torobcheh in Ghormesabzi when they put Spinach?


But back to the subject of this discussion, which I found it lively and informative with the many good points that were brought up by both sides of the argument.   I suppose the designation of MEK on the terrorist list need to be reviewed and decided justly but as well as any other groups on that list including Hezbolah using same criteria and information and leaving politics and lobbying groups (i.e. NIAC and AIPAC)out of it.


However, this designation will have little to no impact on the Iranian people’s view on this cult.  The only thing matters to the many families who have been the victim of this cult is that when will the leadership made to stand and account for their treasonous past and the crimes they committed against Iran and Iranians.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Fred, easy answer


Because the revolutionary guards have held the Iranian people hostage. Provoking the beast would only make ordinary iranians suffer. Of course, iranian lives dont matter much to those who want war and crippling sanctions.


MEK on the other hand is worst than the regime itself. I cannot possibly fathom how they would operate if they were in power.


Praise for Mr. Greenwald for showing Israel's tactics

by ILoveIran on

 High praise for Mr. Greenwald who points out at 05:39 of the video that Saddam's private army known as (Mujahadeen Khalq,MEK/PMOI) ' is funded and directed by Israel to kill Iranian civilians.' 

Other Important Facts:  

Hillary Clinton: "We created Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and helped spread Wahabbi Islam in Afghanistan."


Canada's International Post also points out that, ' Israel Recruited Jundallah terrorists (Wahabbi suicide bombers) to engage in suicide bombings in public places in Iran.'




Revolutionary Guards

by Fred on

Why the NIAC lobby opposed putting the uber-terrorist Revolutionary Guard on the same list that they are trying to keep the Mujahedin cult on?

Why Mr. Marashi who now works for the NIAC lobby does not talk about his reputed employment with the Rafsanjani connected Atieh-Bahar.

Atieh Bahar specialized in facilitating Oil Companies doing business with the Islamist Rapists.