Time to Rethink Iran

Journalist Jon Snow

"Jon Snow of Channel 4 News argues it is time for the US to lead a change in the relationship of it and the UK with Iran, in the Lord Garden Memorial Lecture at Chatham House on 21 June 2012." More details and audio to download >>>


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Self Aggrandizement

by Faramarz on



Quite rubbish and full of errors.

The early warning posts ("Golf Balls") were not outside of Tabriz. They were outside of Babolsar on the Caspian Sea. They were taken over by a few Cherik Fadaei and not Revolutionary Guards. The Regime quickly interfered and allowed the US to take out its sensitive equipment.

The assessment of the hostage crisis is not supported by the facts.

Mr. Snow completely stays away from the crimes of the Regime against the Iranian people which should be on the top of the list of any humanitarian liberal person.

But to sum it up, and in my opinion, the people who were involved in the '79 revolution, both Iranians (left or Islamist) and foreigners, still have a sense of ownership and emotional connection to what happened then and would like it to somehow succeed despite all the signs to the contrary and most important, the desire of the majority of the Iranians.


Who's interest is he talking about? British, IRI or Iran

by Manam_Babak on

How can anyone talk so much about a country, and not
mentioning the interest of the people of that country. As if IRI is the by the
people, and for the people of Iran. Negotiation with IRI will only prolong their
occupation of our country. On the contrary US has got it right, only recently,
that foot soldiers is not the answer, but depriving IRI of their vital
resources (Petro Dollar) will weaken their grip, and would allow people of Iran
to overthrow this Mufia like rejim once and for all



by Fatollah on

very informative indeed,


Jon Snow is Ahmadinejad's interviewer of choice

by anglophile on

Snow, and channel four news in general, provide Ahmadinejad with a platform to justify and explain his position on nuclear issue without seriously challenging him on the issue of human rights. Here are two examples:







Snow's anti-American views find their match in Ahmadinejad. Besides Mr Snow did enjoy his time in Iran in his trips and no doubt wants to keep his return visa valid. Also must have developed a taste for "khoresh-e gheymeh-bademjoon". Hence his Chatham House talk.


I think Jon Snow has got it right!

by Benyamin on

I believe if USA would have stayed engaged with the IRI from the beginning things would have been different in the worl and in Iran today!

I think the west also set the bar so high on the Neuclear issue right from the get go that it  left little to no room for negotiation for the Iranian part but defence!

War is clearly not the answer and innicent people will die for the greed of some. 

The point Jon Snow is making is that it was not military action that freed the hostages it was negotiation! If the commandos would have succeeded their mission there would toll of deads on both side which somehow negates the whole purpose of freeing the hostages but with negotiations they were all freed and back to ther families arms where as military action could have killed them all!

I believe the military option must be taken off the table


The west has objectives to meet for iranians

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

freedom and justice, democracy and human rights, Not one of these 4 are genuine goals of the west... these are infact deadly deceits as the west aims to Africanize the region as it bring forces like muslim brotherhood to power, the wests #1 goal being for iran being to weaken, thwart and keep iran underdeveloped.  This is the true reason why the Leadership of the WEST loves extremism for Iran & betrayed the late shah as nothing else helps them achieve their #1 goal as I stated above. 

Its why the majority of Iranians within Iran who experienced the days before 1979 love the late Shah so sincerely and wish they had not been deceived regarding what he was doing for Iranians and who he was defending Iranians from both within ( anti-secular mullahs, anti-monarchists and commies) and without Iran (the west which opposed his development of iran tooth and nail).  The Late Shah based on his accomplishments before he was betrayed and murdered proved by his actions he was a truly democratic leader both in heart and by hand, despite Iran not yet having a democratic system.


These "Liberals" always act

by Schahram on

These "Liberals" always act the same way. First they start with flatteries and compliments:" Iran..great culture..great people..nice people..great country.." and we all think" Hey, he knows us, he is with us!!" BUT THEN, in the end, it´s ISLAM again....

Read his Transcript in the middle he says:"The revolution was an islamic event!"


The Liberals alway were against a NATION of Iran, they need free markets for neoliberalism, (just to get the economy "Back" from the Pasdaran, that´s why they target them with "atomic"sanctions, so until the aim is still not reached), so they try to burry it under the banner of Islam, because the know, how dangerous Iran really can be, when it´s people understand their NATIONAL potential with a Shah.


Thanks for the hint to that

by Schahram on

Thanks Dariush for the hint to that Inteview, amazing!

Shah Interview 1978:


 Especially after Minute12:00-14:00, Shah about Democracy (or better wetsern hypocracy), and the British: "You could change the Prime ministers (of Iran)in that times (colonial times), are you sorry for that? Do you want to manipulate our internal affairs? WE WONT LET YOU!".

Well, we know how the story continued. Very sad. 

iraj khan

"Engage With Iran..

by iraj khan on

"We Must Rethink Iran"

Who says so?

Mr Snow says so. 

Interesting and informative, thanks for posting it here.


Jon Snow Rocks

by divaneh on

He is a very fair minded liberal and I have always had great respect for him. He is right in his opposition to war on Iran. Such a war would destroy Iran and will only have one big winner, Russia.

Darius Kadivar

Clearly less knowledgable on Iran than your cousin

by Darius Kadivar on

 Peter Snow who interviewed the Shah on several occasions:




Arash Kamangir

Jon Snow is either naive or ignoring the past

by Arash Kamangir on

The West has given IR so many chances and every time they did not take it. The only language IR understands is force.

Darius Kadivar

Recruited by NIAC's European Branch ? Maziar Bahari hello ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on