Sanctions Pressure As Moscow Talks End With No Agreement

France says sanctions on Iran will be stepped up

Reuters - France said on Tuesday it would continue to strengthen sanctions against Iran after negotiations in Moscow over its nuclear program ended without progress. "We regret that Iran has still not made the concrete gestures that we were waiting for and that could constitute a first step towards respecting U.N. Security Council and IAEA resolutions," Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said >>>



More Cleaning up Activities at Parchin

by Faramarz on



The latest satellite images from Parchin showing Regime's clean-up activities.




Words to Live by!

by Faramarz on



"The IR Regime does not respond to pressure, it responds to A LOT OF PRESSURE!"

"The three pillars of the Islamic Republic are Death to Amrika, Death to Israel and Hejab!"

These are the golden words by Karim Sadjadpour.

Whenever in doubt, just ask yourself this, "is the Regime ready to say Long Live USA, Friendship with Israel and No Hejab!" That's when we know that we can negotiate with these people.

Till then it is just a waste time.

Immortal Guard

Find the key!

by Immortal Guard on

چرچیل در پاسخ به پرسشِ اینکه ابزارِ اصلیِ استعمارِ جهانی‌تان چه بوده
است، پاسخ میدهد: "وجودِ اکثریتِ نادان و اقلیتِ خائن در آن سرزمین‌ها "،
شاید این پاسخ، کلیدِ عللِ ناشناخته‌ی عقب‌ماندگیِ ما باشد


The first step towards respecting UN Security Council…..

by Bavafa on

Would be for the UN Security Council to respect itself by enforcing all UN Security Council Resolution uniformly and judiciously NOW.

There is a host of UN Security resolutions condemning  Israel occupation of Palestinian land and treatment of the said people, yet the theft and looting of that land continues after 40+ years, the longest occupation of another country in two centuries by a  warmongering and WMD possessing Messianic Rapist Regime.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Molluhs are embolden by Russians alliance

by Azarbanoo on

The Russia is a dangerous enemy of IRAN and we have lost part of IRAN to this monster mafia , the recent one Caspian sea deal. 

I am really worrying about IRAN & IRANIANS.  May something GOOD happens to avoid more suffering of IRANIANS.


Airtight sanctions

by Fred on

The only way to avoid the war the warmongering Messianic Islamist Rapist want to impose on all is airtight sanctions and NOW!