Oil price driven by sanctions on Iran

Price could go over $100pb

Bloomberg: The prospect of a rebound in prices driven by sanctions on Iran illustrates the readiness of the U.S., Europe and their allies to suffer higher fuel costs in order to curb the Islamic republic’s nuclear program. The EU, Iran’s biggest buyer after China, is due to stop importing the nation’s oil July 1. While reflecting an improvement in demand as major economies tackle the fallout from Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, rising prices may also pose headwinds to a recovery >>>


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A western educated engineer, democracy, poor Egyptian muslims

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the usa/uk/france are doing overtime to bring their muslim brotherhood to power in egypt.

What is it with the Wests blatent public program of deceit? 

Bavafa what was "educational" about misleading the elite on both the topic of oil prices and foreign policy, oil prices being politically guided and extremism being aided and organized to push countries away from secularism with the aim of moving muslim countries away from development?

If you were to see a group of women being raped in the street, would you consider making the comment, "educational" display of technique?


The sky is falling!

by asadabad on

The iranian regime has already had to cut oil production 20-30% and the prices have dropped sharply $128 down to $85.  The shiite dogs ruling iran can bark all day but they know that they've already been neutered...



Educational conversation...

by Bavafa on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory