Mojahedin Show Might in Paris

Call for Regime Change

stopfundamentalism: On Saturday, June 23 2012, about a hundred thousand supporters of the Iranian resistance gathered in a Rally in Paris to show support for the Iranian Resistance and its President-elect Maryam Rajavi. The cheering and screaming crowd continued for hours calling for a ‘democratic change’ in Iran and expressed support for residents of Camps Ashraf and Liberty - were members of the main Iranian opposition group MEK reside in Iraq >>>


Arash Kamangir

hateful sect but leading the opposition

by Arash Kamangir on

MEK is without doubt  hated by most iranians however they have abused the lack of organisations by other groups and have managed to organize themselves and pretend they represent all iranians opposed to IR. MEK sure have learned the dirty sides of politics very well. The MEK fans are brainwashed as it is common in all sects.

Dr. Mohandes

CIM jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

How funny. 

I never understand what you write either.

Maybe we can start a nice and long friendship? 


Dr. Mohandes - The links show the issue.

by CIM on

I did not understand what you wrote, but I hope this helps:  


Photo of a community of 100,000 from an aerial view.


Photo of the crowd size of the rally. 

Dr. Mohandes

One lie and One revelation.

by Dr. Mohandes on

Let me rephrase that to One BIG lie. 

Where have they been able to find all these hundreds of thousands of whatever...As someone else also brought it up, where did they get the money to pay off these freaks. perhaps they also went down the path of those who thought Sandis would do magic and will bring the best out of people?


The big revelation of the day for me is that , finally i know what this CIM is striving to promote here. I mean...who would have thought?

Mashti zandanian e iran:

And you are so right and we are still Around the bend of That same old alley brother. 

Thanks for remebering yours truly :)




MEK Facts and Figures

by CIM on


Stop lying

by Shemirani on


 Don't they realise how ridiculous and disgusting they are ????

Shame to this manipulators ! dangerous Sect !

About a hundred thousand supporters of the Iranian ??????? NOT REALLY !!!!

Check it out !!!






by hirre on

Communism + Fundamentalism = MEK.... Strangely I think IR is better in this case, since they are only fundamentalists...


پس رئیس جمهور ما چی‌ میشود


 پس رئیس جمهور ما چی‌ میشود

رهبر ایران زمین کی‌ میشود

مردم ایران! چرا بنشسته اید

گو که از این وضع و اوضاع خسته اید

مردم ایران! چرا خوابیده اید

بهتر از مریم کسی‌ را دیده اید

مریم ما از همه دل میبرد

او دل هر مرد عاقل میبرد

مریم ما هچو یک اختر بود

نی به سان آن یکی‌ عنتر بود

هاله نورش بود پر نورتر

او شفا دادست چندین کورو کر

ما گله داریم از دست شما

از شما ای مردمان بی‌ وفا

آخر این هم هست رسم روزگار

کرده اید ما را در اینجا ماندگار

چونکه حرف ما نمیگیرید گوش

ما بگشتیم نوکر صدام و بوش

مردم ایران به پا خیزید حال

تا دهید مسعود و مریم یک مجال

مردم ما! تنبلی دیگر بس است

مریم ما را برید بر روی دست

وقت آن باشد کنید یک کار نیک

مثل مسعود انقلاب ایدولوژیک


Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


the Stupidity of Shiites

by asadabad on


At least Marlon Brando used some butter in "Last Tango in Paris"

by Zendanian on

Divaneh jaan,  Brando at least used some lubricants in his "Last Tango," this "Mujahedin" bunch  has been doing it to Iranian people for so long, and so regularly with no lubrication, no consideration, and no hesitation.

Their lust for power is beyond word, its utterly disgusting.

Calling them disgusting and nauseating is the ultimate underestatement! 


The last Sandis in Paris

by divaneh on

We know from the past experience that these guys are not their supporters and are paid for their trouble of coming to these gatherings. She is truly nauseating.



by Thought on

Bunch of fools who helped getting rid of one of the best leaders in Iranian modern history.

Poosteh Pesteh


by Poosteh Pesteh on

they are working hard but the problem with them is ta shoon bad mideh


Wonder who pays the fees for those busses….

by Bavafa on

And the overpriced Rudy Giuliani


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory