January 1979

Bakhtiar addressing Majles, Khomeini in Paris, Ebrahim Yazdi, Montazeri


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Khomeini, Ebrahim Yazdi, Montazeri what a grotesque gift

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

of the USA/UK/France to the people of Iran.


The 79 Manipulation / Set Up was intended to devolve Iran,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

And Thwart the work of the Shahs Team, it was an immensely painful approach/policy the USA planned which practically used the masses and can not be sustained indefinetly.  And so it was...  that some of Irans Mullahs took the Koran and for 33 years before all the people of Iran, defecated and urinated on it.  Islam was once a respected religion when the Shah was around because muslims like him were good human beings, after him Islam lost its value due to its intentionally newly selected by the USA/UK ignorant leaders.  Many good muslims of higher standing were murdered by Khomeini for understanding the importance of not betraying the late Shah for a western selected group of extremists.   


Rouhash Shad

by Azarbanoo on

He must have chosen as PM 5 yeard prior to the shameful Devolution.