Iran, world powers fail to bridge nuclear impasse

Moscow talks

AFP: Iran and world powers on Monday locked horns in hours of tense talks in Moscow seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis over Tehran's nuclear programme with no breakthrough in sight. A member of the Iranian delegation gave a downbeat assessment well into the second session in the afternoon. "So far the atmosphere is not positive," he said, adding: "Setting up the framework (for negotiation) is the main problem." Chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili was meeting with envoys from six world powers including Tehran's arch-foe the United States as well as EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton for two days of talks >>>


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Arash Kamangir

IR slowly is running out of steam

by Arash Kamangir on

With problems in Syria and sanctions already in place and more to come, IR has no choice but to give up a lot of his nuclear capabilities whether they like it or not.


  There will never going

by Parsy on


There will never going to be any agreement with IRI, for 30+ years we are waiting for some kind of a deal with IRI leaders or some kind of a moderation emerges out of IRI, it will never going to happen even for another 30+ years, all these talks are futile maneuvers by so conniving IRI leaders just to buy time  in order to get their hands on a Nuclear Bomb to threaten even more nations; if world lets them to have the bomb they will destroy, kill and spread their evil spirit among all the nations even more than the present time, IRI doctrine is to dominate the world and they will not rest until they achieve as much destruction as possible and if on the path of pursuing their ultimate goal they destroy Iran and kill millions in the process then so be it is all good because in their twisted minds this holy path makes them get even closer to their god (Satan in disguise)….


If IRI leaders get the Bomb they will be on a Suicide Mission


Atmosphere Change!

by Demo on

Perhaps the best way to make the talks atmosphere more positive is asking Fred to serve both sides with his exclusive embalmed yogurt, 'must' that is!


Regime change

by Fred on

The only way to avoid the war the warmongering, weaponized nuke acquiring, Messianic Islamist Rapists are trying to impose on all is airtight sanctions plus air/naval inspections. 

Helping Iranians with logistical needs to overthrow the unreformable regime is a must. 


Muslims lie, don’t believe them, good for infidels

by عموجان on

Muslims can’t agree among themselves How can they make agreement with infidels? 

Muslims must be very frustrated not able to kill all 6 of them (1+5) the way they kill their own people when they speak against them.