Concord in Tehran

Shah and prince inspect supersonic aircraft

In 1972 the Shah placed an order for two Concordes with an option or purchase a third. The order was later cancelled.


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by Arj on

What an embarrassing scene! Reminiscent of African tribes' reaction to the first sightings of automobile!

We (Iranians) had nothing to do with development of Concord. Yet. these guys (Shah and RP) act as if they invented it! No wonder why foreigners looked down and imposed capitualtion laws on us!


First Amendment, Your Statement is not true

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

On "the Majesty was the sole decider," First Amendment thats what we call village gossip over here in England.

Heseltine is on the record saying that while his goal was to get a verbal commitment from the Shah on Orders for the Concord in front of BBC cameras he knew that the details of the decision were made elsewhere by others and that His Majesty would just be conveying the message given to him. 

The Concord flight with his Majesty had been scheduled so that his team on the relevant issue could make their decision on the matter, this includes both Govt and Iran Air management.  Not sure if you can see the direct connection between your "village gossip," 1979 and the fate of Iranians today in IRI prisons.  Can You see it?

FYI- Its erronous comments like yours that give people a chance to think if they regret 1979 and wish they had not acted based on propaganda.  While clearly you are not a supporter of the monarchy, the crimes of today force most Iranians to open their minds and make use of their wisdom.


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

5:36 is more telling than what you could've otherwise imagined......the masses were kept as silent onlookers, while the Majesty was the sole decider..................never mind........old story........our monarchy died long time ago.........and will never be revived..........