Are Iranians banned from buying iPads?

"Part of an escalating pattern" of broad sanctions against Iran

BBC: A salesman at US Apple store refused to sell an iPad to an Iranian-American woman after overhearing her speak Farsi, provoking a debate about the limits of Western sanctions against Tehran's rulers. The policy states that Apple forbids the export of its products to those countries "without prior authorization by the US Government". "Unfortunately, this is part of an escalating pattern in which increasingly broad sanctions on Iran are hitting the wrong people," said Jamal Abdi, a spokesman for the National Iranian American Council, an Iranian-American advocacy group >>>


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by Shemirani on

NIAC haam donbale bahane migarde ! Ye bar Poster  (texas restaurant) peyda shod say kardan bozorgesh konan vali Atish nagereft !!

Hala in dastan kardan parchame Ossmanishoon !

 NIAC be zoor mikhad bege bebinid USA and Islamic Republic are  the same level, Both have defaults both are violent and untolerant !!! Trita wants to play the mullah's role in a middle of a "marital" fight being the exclutive mediator !!!!!! You can try as much as you want, we will not buy your antiUSA anti-imparialist and Pro Mullah ideology ! You forget something our generation is very different from past generation, we will not follow any bala mambari without checking real facts and legal solutions !

If iranians  are offended by something: its by what Islamists are doing inside their motherland with their own people !

stay tuned they will find a new story try to poke the fire !!!



A fine example of why we need a voice in US….

by Bavafa on

And NIAC has been the lead on bringing the voice of Iranian-Americans not only to the Washington but other places when Iranian-Americans are being discriminated against.

  Proud of their activism and support to the Iranian-Americans.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Darius Kadivar

Guess Annan and Putin want you to purchase your IPads too

by Darius Kadivar on

First Amendment

A simple statement means nothing......

by First Amendment on

The customer, and our diverse community at large, should receive a full apology........nothing short of it................Seeking disciplinary action by the employer against the sales clerk seems quite rational............


Overzealous NIAC?

by ghalam-doon on

It seems the only people who really care about these isolated cases are the people at NIAC. They have even started an email campaign for their dubious political agenda.

We all know where NIAC stands in regard to the sanctions against the Iranian regime. Finally they have found themselves a cause to force to the congress to ease the sanctions.

If you ask me, those youngsters are better off without these useless gadgets. Now they can use the money to buy something useful or just save it for a rainy day!


Airtight sanctions

by Fred on

Airtight sanctions is the only way to avoid the war the Messianic, nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists are imposing on all.

NIAC lobby needs to lobby its contacts and friends in IRR to back off and stop raping, murdering Iranian men, women and children.