Ahmadinejad Talks to Workers Demanding Back Pay

President climbs on iron bars


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fitness health

by مآمور on

dear male commentators over the age of 50

do u have any heart problem?

do u smoke?

do u drink?

do use drugs?

the last, not the least, do u think too high of yourself?

if u answer no to all above questions, then u can do what he did

I wear an Omega watch


Ahmadinezhad , a shamelss thief, lier and charlatan...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

ultimately, utterly politicaly irrelevant and bankrupt, a rejected puppet of khamenei, himself a mere puppet of international oil cartels and china/russian imperialism. Ahmadinezhad shall go down in Iran's history as the most financialy corrupt political figure, and the biggest thief of Iran's oil income. Only when and if  every single foreign bank account of ahmadinezhad, his filthy extended family and cronies are  opened , the extent of theft of Iran's oil income by this biggest thief in Iran's history will be known...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


تازه کجاشو دیدین!




احمدی هم میتونه از چراغ لوستر آویزون بشه، هم موز دوستداره و هم خوب میخنده و سرشو میخارونه!

جای دوست کجاست احمدی؟ پس جای دشمن کجاست؟



Good to know

by divaneh on

Now we know that his cage must have an enclosed roof.


I wish Ahmadinejad enjoys climbing walls, bars and tree's.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Its not only in his nature, but its also in his future, especiallly as more and more iranians are hearing the call of His Majesty Reza to stand for all Iranans to have a progressive country, with jobs, freedom and justice for all.


No Need to Wonder!

by Demo on

His Majesty was doing something similar by hanging Aryamehr's opponents on iron bars through Savak! The bell also will never ring for a culture that do not stand up to the 'force' that either climbs up the walls or breaks the doors to take away the inherent liberty!



by yolanda on

The guy is simian and prehensile!

The image is timeless!

Oon Yaroo

A nation of wall and door climbers...be it US embassy walls

by Oon Yaroo on

Apple Store walls, ...!? When is this culture going to learn that you enter through the door and by ringing the bell first and not over and above the door by force!?


First Amendment

I only wonder.......

by First Amendment on

........if His Majesty could've saved His throne, by doing something similar and not necessarily identical to what Mahmoud is doing, instead of massacring workers in Karvaansara-Sangi on the Karaj road.........

Mardom Mazloom


by Mardom Mazloom on