Ahmadinejad: "God is no one's relative"

Lectures mullahs in Mashad


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Heavy literature

by مآمور on

The speech written by some body else uses a great deal of vocabularies and if one misses one word or phrase he will be lost for ever!!

the only thing I remember, he said when it comes to constitution God and people are equal, which surely is a non sens, however, some times the only thing working IS non sens!!!

Yes, indeed, it was boring far from his show in Majlies!

perhaps, when he is himself and wants to tear apart the want-be islamic republic of which himself is supposed!!to be a big shot!!

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Na Na Hey Hey Good Bye

by bahmani on

Funny, that's I all I keep hearing...

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He is a Mullah himself.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

In fact the worst kind of a Mullah, the one without a turban.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Azarbanoo on

You all say things but Act different.  IRR/IRI & Thugs are thieves, Criminals & liers who have no idea what is Justice, humanity, honesty & other GOOD values.


The Speech is AN's Relative

by Demo on

He is so ignorant that doesn't even bother to read the aleready written speech by either one of his relative or by a sppech writer before hand! And this happens when you call your 'Doctorate Degree in Paving Asphalts' as only a 'piece of paper' since you actually did not earn it but it had been handed to you by Khatami!