Zeinab Jalalian: Prisoner of the day

Life in danger due to illness in prison

Mellimazhabi.com: Mohammad Sharif, lawyer to Kurdish political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian told Azarmehr Women's Organization that his client is in critical physical and psychological conditions and unless she receives proper medical treatment, her health will deteriorate further. Mohammad Sharif pointed out that according to the Iranian Constitution, prison authorities are responsible for the health and care of prisoners.

Zeinab Jalalian's family told Azarmehr that she is no longer able to sit and talk during prison visits, due to severe pains and discomfort.

In 2009, Zeinab Jalalian was sentenced to death on charges of "moharebeh (enmity with God)," and "cooperation with PJAK." She has spent almost five years in different prisons in Iran. An appeals court later reduced her sentence to life in prison.

Immediately after her 2007 arrest, Jalalian, 28, spent four months in solitary cells inside the Kermanshah Intelligence Office Detention Center under severe torture. She sustained a major head injury for which the forces transferred her to a hospital in Kermanshah. While at the hospital, Jalalian tried to alert others about her prison torture, but she was separated from other patients.

Jalalian has been severely beaten and flogged several times while in custody of Kermanshah Intelligence Office forces. Using cables, forces flogged the soles of her feet, and they interrogated her blindfolded and with her feet and hands chained together. She wrote in a letter describing her tortures, "When they flogged me on my feet, they transferred me back to my cell in a state of unconsciousness. There, they made me walk down the hallways with my injured feet, and they they would flog me again."

Zeinab Jalalian has never accepted any of her charges. In an illegal move in 2009, while she had already been sentenced and was waiting for results from her appeal from the Supreme Court, she was transferred to a solitary cell again for three months. She embarked on a hunger strike to protest her illegal transfer, and was once again transferred to Kermanshah Prison's General Ward after her health deteriorated.

She was transferred from Kermanshah Prison to Evin Prison's Ward 209 in March 2010, where she was put under pressure to provide television interviews. Intelligence forces promised Jalalian that in return for a television interview, her death sentence would be overturned. Pressure on Zeinab Jalalian mounted after the executions of four Kurdish political prisoners in May 2010. After spending five months inside Evin Prison's Intelligence Ministry Ward 209, Zeinab Jalalian was transferred back to Kermanshah Prison.


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Zeinab Jalalian, an example for all Iranian women to follow.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This brave young compatriot of ours needs and deservs our complete, total and unconditional  support. Her life is hanging by a thread...

We can all imagine what the filthy cowardly, murdering islamic  bassij and sepaah thugs been doing to her in islamist regime jails. I am simply amazed to see that people who should know better , debating party politics, parroting Islamist mozdoors words in attacking each other, instead of uniting in defence of Zeinab....... 


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Down with IRi

by MM on



zendanian: i prefer "changing" the regime from it's bottom.

by zolfali1 on

در ضمن، درود بر غیرت، شرف و شجاعت این شیر زن. یک موی این خواهر زندانی، می‌ارزه بیشتر از هزار نفر مزدور ترسو و دلقک اینترنتی وزارت اطلاعات.


Stay put Zeinab

by divaneh on

This regime is on its last leg.


DM, be careful this CHANGE might break our teeth! So far this

by Zendanian on

CHANGE has given us Islamic Republic of Iraq, and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Why anyone in thier right mind thinks the result will be different in Iran, is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile forget CHANGE and go for some Kobideh.

As for the Regime in Iran, instead of a change, let's do an Overthrowing, from top to bottom.

Of course we'll overthrow the regime from bottom up.

Dr. Mohandes

Regime change?

by Dr. Mohandes on

Will be the change that we can sink our teeth into.


درود بر تمام زندانیان سیاسی


Iranians of all walks of life taking a stand for their freedom and just rights.  They are to be commanded and supported by all freedom loving folks.


  Iranians need to stand united in their support for these brave souls, support their goals and aspiration for a  free independent and prospers Iran. 

 Foreign nations which thru their apartheid policy practice the same insanity and unjust detentions cannot be a good example for the future of Iran and need not to apply. 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


First Amendment

"Regime change for Zeinab's sake"

by First Amendment on

I only wonder if our dear PJAK fighter has to change her name to Zizi or something for the sake of the next regime.............


Regime change for Zeinab's sake

by Fred on

 Voicing support for Zeinab is great, but at the end of the day it means nothing, absolutely nothing, just the way regime and its gofers like it.

Regime change by the Iranian people with logistical help from the free world is the only way to end 34 years of Messianic Islamist Rapist barbarism.

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must.