US Navy ship 'fires on boat in Gulf'

One person had been killed and three hurt

BBC: A US ship has fired on a boat off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, US officials say. The USNS Rappahannock fired on a vessel after it ignored warnings and rapidly approached the ship, a US Navy official said. There is no confirmation of casualties although AP news agency reported one person had been killed and three hurt. Tensions in the Gulf region are high after Iran recently renewed threats to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz. Lt Greg Raelson of the US Navy in Bahrain said that a security team on board the ship fired on a small motor boat after it disregarded warnings and "rapidly approached" the US ship near Jebel Ali, UAE >>>



a small vessel... so did it

by alx1711 on

a small vessel... so did it have a radio on board ?!

some might call it act of agression towards civilan population... ha!



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Dr. Mohandes

De U ess Naayvee sheeep

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 The just-released transcript of the warning issued out of the boat's loud speaker Read by Sarpeshkel Nakhoda bakhoda (top of his class at UC berekly)

Vee told you to be Karefool. deed vee not? l

U came and Vyolated our water space! so vee kom at you. you learn a lesson. go home now. go to madonna, and beereetneey spears (send us some too). U eeder go avey or ve veel make you esmel our seeucks and under shirts!! so sweaty and so sweet. vee geevv choice. vee democratics. not like you. Only bush and obama and mitra mney! is mitra mny iranian by de vey or vat?



Looks Like another Sepah Operation!

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After Georgia, India, Azarbaijan, Thailand, Kenya and the used-car salesman in the US, now this one!


Immortal Guard

Iran keeps lots of American employed!

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The US military-industrial complex will always need enemy figures to keep people working!


wrong clip

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it seems to be an arab fishing boat, since it happened in UAE water!!

opppss!! they missed it!! fire more boys on non-iranian boats!!!!!

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