US Forces Boost Presence Near Strait of Hormuz

Iran says it can destroy U.S. bases "minutes after attack"

Reuters - Iran has threatened to destroy U.S. military bases across the Middle East and target Israel within minutes of being attacked, Iranian media reported on Wednesday, as Revolutionary Guards extended test-firing of ballistic missiles into a third day. "These bases are all in range of our missiles, and the occupied lands (Israel) are also good targets for us," Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guards aerospace division, was quoted by Fars news agency as saying >>>


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Don't ever think to Close Strait off Hormuz

by Azarbanoo on

IRR/IRI:  Just Listen to most Powerful Country in the World (USA)

Arash Kamangir

Bring it on !

by Arash Kamangir on

I cannot wait to see the israelis and American planes bombing important military targets so the IRR would finally shut the gob!!


Opposites attract!

by Arj on

The U.S. and IRI are supposed to be enemies, yet they so conveniently help each other's agenda. It's hard to imagine what if they were friends!


جواب آمریکا: رهبر جون، اصلا فکرش رو هم نکن اگه پناهندگی میخوای!


به گزارش نيويورک تايمز يکی از سخنگويان وزارت دفاع آمريکا گفته است، پيام ما به تهران اين است که اصلا به بستن تنگه‌ی هرمز فکر هم نکنند.



by hirre on

Full naval/air/anal & scrotum & cargo inspection 24/h for the Islamist Rapists!!! Just added this because u forgot Fred :)


Warmongering Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

The warmongering Messianic Islamist Rapists are hard at work to impose yrt another war on the Iranian people.

Before they succeed, it is on the sane people to actuate a regime change by the Iranian people with logistical help from the free world.