There's Only One Religion: Islam

Ahmadinejad says Abraham, Moses and Jesus preached Islam



حرف جدیدی نیست!!


از کتاب قرآن نقل قول میکند!! درس دینی مخصوصأ در دوران شاه همراه با ساعت ورزش برای بالا بردن معدل دانش آموزانی که در ریاضی و علوم تجدید شده بودند کمک بزرگی بود!!

I wear an Omega watch


Its actually funny as well as sad to read responses

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The sick, the marize, the retarded, the extremist, the phony democrats who give up their countries resources in the name of defending them, these are what the west loves for Iran.  The #1 self declared goal of the west is to thwart and regress Iran and others, and the west has won hands down.  Maybe some are hoping we can become a Nigeria, A Iraq, A Libya or an Egypt.  Can Iranians be expected to figure out on their own with no outside help, who the people should be rallying around for these last 33 years and what is in the interests of the people of Iran and good for iran?  One wonders how stupid Iranians are and were to condemn the late shah and his team a dictator, corrupt and repressive.  Its Really sad considering if it were not for the late shahs team we would be like all the rest and our people would not have enjoyed the benefits of their own resources being used towards education, peace, progress, human rights and their overall development.

Dr. Mohandes

What about Jarayanesh?:)

by Dr. Mohandes on

Did The great one let the Jarayan reach the ears of the attendees or what?:)))

I have a feeling after listening to his speech they split them into two groups so that one can go to the Sinbad and the other to the Del/gerd sooz? restaurant? what was the name?:)

All you can eat off the bar and all he can eat off of you. all paid for by the Beyt boys.



بیداری اسلامی!



دکتر مهندس،

مقصود از بیداری اسلامی آمدن به خانه پس از بیکاری اسلامی و سعی در خوابیدن با داشتن بیماری اسلامی و بلند شدن هنگام صبح بعد از بیخوابی اسلامی و پر از انرژی از بیحالی اسلامی و سر اپا  پر از بیتابی اسلامی ولی سرانجام امیدوار و خوشبین از سرنگون شدن رژیم استبدادی اسلامیست!

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Should have listened to his lastest gem of speech when he mentioned this while on the subject of offering a solution for the housing problem that eventually we will have to get to a point to just hand over the keys to a new home for every newly married couple telling them Besmellah...start paying off your home loans!!! Do you see anything missing from this whole picture?:)
And by the way what is up with this "jarayane" bidarie eslami?

Who is bidari e eslami? anyone knows?
We are over here dealing with an absolute bunch of Knucleheads, and you guys over there don't even know half of it!


متاسفانه  یا


متاسفانه  یا خوشبختانه، هر رژیمی که به آخر خط میرسه عمالش هم از تفکر
خالی میشوند. این را میشود در حکومت هیتلر، موسولینی، صدام، قذافی، و و و و
پیدا کرد. باید یواش یواش گفت خداحافظ جمهوری اسلامی


Grasping at Straws!

by Faramarz on



Ahmadi is sinking fast and grasping at straws to save himself and make himself relevant.

The darling of the liberal western press and the west-residing Regime-friendly crowd that thought he was so clever the way he answered every question with another question, is now trying to claim the limelight again.

One day he talks about Cyrus the Great, the next day he travels to Abu Musa and stirs emotions, then he threatens to spill the beans on the Regime and now he is more Muslim than his masters.

But what all these desperate moves indicate is that the Regime is in fear, it is in disarray and can't think straight. 

All courtesy of the enrichment program and the sanctions.

Dr. Mohandes

He is lost it big time

by Dr. Mohandes on

He has been hit so many times by The "big turbanhead" on the head he has basically gone cookooo.


No Delusions with the Truth!

by Demo on

AN is right with the One Religion but read the comment here:




AN, Khak bar sarat + your Islam

by Azarbanoo on

You are worse than any akhoond.  Actually you are an akhoond in civilian outfit.


These people...

by AryamehrNYC on

are truly delusional...