Romney supports Israel's stance on Iran

Backs Israel’s Right to Strike Iran, Aide Says

New York Times: In a speech here Sunday evening, Mitt Romney plans to assert that he respects Israel’s right to take pre-emptive action to stop Iran from developing nuclear capabilities that could be used for a weapon. Dan Senor, a senior Romney foreign policy adviser who helped orchestrate Mr. Romney’s visit here, told reporters in a briefing before the speech that Mr. Romney would express — several times — that it was “unacceptable” for Iran to develop the capability to build nuclear weapons and his view that Israel does have the right to take action against Iran >>>


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Desperate kiss ass comments

by JavoonDeerooz on

to get few more votes in NY and FL


DK I agree with you

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The reason is the powers electing te President love the IRI, which is no good for us, and Romney would shake that up with in big way, they prefer an OU BA MA NIST to keep their mullah regime in tact, this is nothing to do with romney at all. Have you forgetten the USA elected the village fool G W Bush with far less.


Rommeny has more chance to get elected

by مآمور on

than Israel finally stop barking and start lunching an attack on Iran!! personally, over how many years by now?? how many years israel has been just barking!!8  9 years!!, I never lost a moment of sleep that israel would lunch an attack on Iran!!

the motion is simply ridiculous and not-possible by the means israel has at its possession!! 

if Romney gets elected, he will also realize there r things not tp be touched!! like Obama realized closing Guantanamo is not an option!

let israel and its cronies in this site bark as much they want!!

Iran will push ahead with its program!!

I wear an Omega watch


Trust Fund baby!

by Daadaash on

This trust fund baby (Romney), would say and do anything to get elected!  He will sell his own mother if he has to! :)


Romney's Horse in the Olympics!

by Faramarz on



Americans like Royalty only across the pond in the UK, but detest it at home. That's why people like Romney don't stand a chance in November.

This week, Ann Romney's dressage horse Rafalca will be competing in the Equestrian event. Don't miss it.

The Brits may get all teary-eyed over such Royal events, but not here in the heartland of "Red Meat" America!



Darius Kadivar

Romney has Zero Chance of defeating 'Ou ba ma neest' ...

by Darius Kadivar on

After his Olympic Gaffe he is desperately trying to come across as a competent but I'm afraid it's too late for him now ...

Romney: Did Israel pilgrimage fall flat? (cnn)    



Obama's triumphant victory next november is guaranteed and a given fact ...


The question now is what will be Obama's Foreign policy priorities and if the regional dynamics will draw him towards appeasing the Mullahs or on the contrary pushing for a harsher stance upon the eventual fall of it's syrian ally in the region: Assad Regime. I doubt this Republican Clown is taken seriously be it in Israel or worldwide after a particularly disastrous campaign. Rightly or wrongly the entire press and media corporations are against him anyhow ...


As such nothing can stop the Neo Liberal Revolution in the making under Obama's leadership.      


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BETTER OFF MUTE: Mitt Romney as "The Artist" on The Chris Matthews Show ;0) 


Both Romney and Obama

by mahmoudghaffari on

are committed to Israel, as they should be.  Both have also mentioned tough stance on Iran.  But from Reagan all the way till today the US has been timid and has shyed way from taking the necessary steps to deal with the Iranian regime.  I think the Americans are finally reallizing, that dealing with the regime in Iran is not through diplomacy and talk, but rather a big stick.  This stick must be in the form of surgical bombardment of Iranian assets thoughout the country to the point that the regime implodes and its supporters scurry around in chadors.


Israel & Iran

by Fred on

Israel is Iran’s historic and strategic partner.

The sooner the Messianic Islamist Rapists are overthrown by the Iranian people with the logistical help of the sane world, the sooner these two great nations can begin restoring old mutually beneficial ties and restoring calm in the entire vital Middle East region.