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Ali Afshari: Shariati film took 7 years to finish. I had to do it single handedly, and if it wasn't for the support of the lead actor, Abolfazl Vaziri, and the very initial interview with Abdol Ali Bazargan, this film would have had no grounds to get off its story board. Since no one was really eager to help, every person who did contribute the smallest amount made a huge impact on this film >>>


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Nefrin Be in Hameh Kheyant va Janayat

by Vattan on

Ishallah In aham pesheh Ostadesh Khomini Gor be gor besheh. Rohesh Alo Begeereh keh hameya maro darbe dar va badbakht kard.

Soosan Khanoom

Dr Shariati,

by Soosan Khanoom on

Rest in peace ...I love you!


Educated Religious-Parasite

by DemocracyQuest on

I wish he was still alive today so we could see how this “Educated Religious-Parasite” (supposedly called “Religious Intellectual”) would evolved today…would he evolved to another parasite like Abdolkarim Soroush or something totally different and more complex.

Whatever he would become, I’m sure it would give us more clues about the complexities of the Middle Eastern social and cultural disorders.


  شریعتی هم



شریعتی هم تفالهٔ زمان خود بود، بدبختها تحمل پیشرفت و ظرفیت تکامل را نداشتن، در آن زمان اروپا در پی  تابو شکنی مذهب  که فیلم زندگینامهٔ برائین تولید بیبیسی به روی پردهای سینما آمد و لازم به تذکر که در خیلی از کشورهای اروپایی سانسور شد، امثال بچه ننه مثل شریعتی نگران اسلام و ما در پی انقلاب... واقعاً روح شاد


همین شر و ور ها


همین شر و ور ها بود که بعضی هارو گول زد  و بلای اون  آقا قربونش برم خمینی رو به سر ما اورد..  مثل اینکه این دوستان هنوز غافلند چه بلایی به سر ایرون اومده.  اینا ایرون واز بین بردن،  تموم شد، درست شدنی هم نیست.  خودمون اینو میدونیم. با کمال تاًسف.

Worcester Mo

The hell with him

by Worcester Mo on

This dude stole few ideas from different western philosophers then add a dash of Ali and created an incomprehensible set of ideas that were nothing but misleading.  Bunch of morons like myself who were too young to have read any western philosophy thought this idiot is so smart and bought his crap.  Then a whole group of us morons thought the Utopia that he was advocating was possible with Islam.  The biggest mistake that the Shah made was not letting these morons and Khomeini publish and give as many speeches as possible.  And he died of a GOD DAMN HEART ATTACK as he was a GOD DAMN CHAIN SMOKER.  Although I wished that the Shah had killed him and all the rest- that Souroush dude included- he had nothing to do with it.  


جاده صافکن


شارلاتان علی شریعتی و تئوری "امامت" او  جاده صافکن نظام پربرکت "مسلمین "اصلاح طلب" و غیره بود.

طرفه آنکه مسخ شدگانش هنوز مسخ مانده اند.