Parvaneh Vahidmanesh: Refugee Voices

Targeted for promoting freedom

Parvaneh is a human rights activist from Iran who was targeted for her work to promote freedom in her country and for helping write a book about Israel.


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Qudos to Miss parvaneh Hamidmanesh for her great work.

by zolfali1 on

Helping Iranians scaping the nightmare of corrupt, murdering islamist regime, seeking freedom and liberty in west.

Thanks for posting this great blog, which has annoyed the islamist regime cronies in the holy month of rama dama dam dam :)


very touching

by مآمور on

the clip has left me speechless!!the climax of my boiling emotion was when Julite started crying!! happy ending

I wear an Omega watch


And Self Hating Jews......

by Demo on



"for a moment just think of the UNITY amongst the jews ."

Let's have a TEA & read the below while thinking of the said fake UNITY:


PS: 'nojanthegreat' has it all right in his/her comment below unlike the 'Jews Living in the State of Denial!'

maziar 58

And so...........

by maziar 58 on

with all the speculation and accusation granted to be all TRUTH.

for a moment just think of the UNITY amongst the jews .

where is unity among Iranians?

forget the moslem unity.



i dont buy it

by nojanthegreat on

i dont know this lady in person but there are alot of iranian who abuse the us asylum system for personal gain . my brother in law use the system . he pertend to be imprisoned in iran in order to obtain legal statue in us . his close friend did the same thing . i dont have any numbers on this but i can say great majority close to 80 % of the cases are fraud . i belive us goverment know about it too it just matter of if you care or not .
being a jewish is not illigal in iran and iran has third highest number of jewish in the world after US and Israel . their limitations are the same as other iranian . the dress code or ban on alchohalic bevreges . and i am sure that no one have been hanged for writing a letter to khamenei or any other officials . matter of fact there were more importand and higher ranking indivituals who publicly write a letter to him and used iranian newspaper in order to publish his letter he were jail for less than a year . i am not saying iran is the freest country in earth but most of this video clips are propaganda base matterrials . please search for yourself and make your conclution .


Herd Voices

by Demo on

We 'shed' whenever we move from one animal farm to another!


At least

by Raoul1955 on

She is Americanized and has 'shed' the Iranian culture.   I am glad she was granted asylum.  :-)



by Raoul1955 on



Refugee Voices?

by Demo on

Come on! Give us a break! She is no way to be the voice of real Iranians refugees with the hardship they go through to live abroad & to be processed, and mostly denied, with their applications. She is a Jewish Israeli with the support of a crying baby Jewish attorney. That is good enogh to begin a new life in US with the rest of the story as a simple BS!