Nargess Mohammadi: Prisoner of the day

No contact eleven days after transfer to hospital

ICHRI:  In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Taghi Rahmani, husband of imprisoned human rights activist Narges Mohammadi said that he has heard news about his wife's hospitalization that coupled with the authorities' refusal to provide any information about his wife, lead him to be seriously concerned about his wife's health.  "We heard that Narges' cellmates got into a fight and ran into Narges.  Narges took a fall and had to be transferred to the hospital.  Eleven days after her transfer to hospital, Narges has not had any contact with the outside world.  Her family have not been allowed any contact or visits with her. Narges must be under circumstances that keep her from contacting her two very young children," Rahmani told the Campaign.

Taghi Rahmani told the Campaign that there is very heavy security presence in the Zanjan hospital.  "Narges' family go to the hospital everyday and request a visit, but they are not allowed to see her.  They are not even allowed to talk to the doctors at the hospital.  There is a severe security atmosphere at the prison.  There is a female guard in her room and there is a male guard outside.  It is our right to find out what has happened to Narges," he added.

"Narges' illness is muscle paralysis, but they first transferred her to Zanjan Hospital's Neurology Department.  Two days ago, they transferred her to another hospital, to Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Zanjan, where she has been hospitalized in their Neurology Department.  These are all sources of concern for us," said Mohammadi's husband.  "We demand that Narges be allowed to have visitors and for her to be examined by her own physicians who are knowledgeable about her illness.  She has not talked to her children in 11 days. She must be under special circumstances where she cannot talk.  We have questions about this and ask the authorities to reply," said Taghi Rahmani.

On 22 April, security forces transferred Narges Mohammadi, human rights activist and Deputy Director of Center for Human Rights Defenders, from her parents’ home in Zanjan to Tehran to commence serving her six year prison term on charges of "assembly and collusion against national security, "membership in the Center for Human Rights Defenders," and "propaganda against the regime."  Against legal procedures, instead of taking her to the General Ward of Evin Prison, Mohammadi was transferred to the Intelligence Ministry’s Ward 209. She was transferred to the Zanjan Prison on 11 June for unknown reasons.  Zanjan Prison does not have a separate ward for political prisoners and Mohammadi is the only female political prisoner in the facility.

In a June 24 letter to Tehran Prosecutor, Narges Mohammadi objected to her prison conditions.  "After my latest imprisonment, even the number of pills I am taking cannot control my illness, and it has worsened.  I am now in the middle of more than 50 women who have been convicted of murder, drug traffickers who are on death row, and inmates who have committed violent crimes, some of whom suffer from dangerous diseases, and some do not have psychological balance.  Since I arrived this ward, I have seen nothing but stress, anxiety, and fear, all of which have contributed to the worsening of my illness.  Exposure to such levels of stress is like feeding me poison, killing me by the moment." Mohammadi wrote. (Source)

"At Zanjan Prison's Women's Ward, inmates constantly engage in fights and they attack each other with razors and other objects.  When this happens, the prison guards take Narges out of the ward and return her when the fighting is over," Mohammadi's husband told the Campaign. (Source)


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درود بر نرگس محمدی.


سرنگون باد رژیم منفور، فاسد، دزد و آدمکش جمهوری اسلامی.


درود بر تمام زندانیان سیاسی


I might not have the ability to express my appreciation for these brave souls, people like Narges, who are sacrificing their life and livelihoods for Iranians, as well as dear Shiefteh or Ari jaan, but I appreciate and honor them just the same.


These people are our jewels and future of Iran and we all need to honor and support them.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Ari Siletz

I hope Narges gets to read this some day

by Ari Siletz on

 You have done nothing against any Iranian, legally or ethically,  to warrant your being jailed in our country. All you have done is refuse to remain silent when our rights as citizens are violated. Your protests on behalf of the people of Iran has come at a huge personal cost to you. Your chidlren and husband are away from you, your illness is exacerbated, and you live in life-threatening prison conditions. You could have left Iran and fought behind the frontlines, but you chose to stay and fight for us on the field.  This is just a note of appreciation and respect for you and Iranians like you. You do us a great honor to believe we deserve such sacrifice. It makes us realize our own worth, and compels us to join you in demanding our freedoms. 


Let Narges Mohammadi go!

by acopier101 on

Narges Mohammadi and all other Iranian political prisoners must be released at once and their jail keepers must be put on trial for their crimes against humanity.

Shifteh Ansari

Narges Mohammadi

by Shifteh Ansari on

Narges Mohammadi has paid for her dedication to human rights in Iran in every conceivable way. While she was still allowed, she was a tireless human rights activist, brave and selfless. She helped establish and operate Center for Human Rights Defenders alongside Shirin Ebadi and many other human rights lawyers, most of whom are in prison right now.

She has served time in prison on fabricated and unfounded charges. She has endured unbelievable physical and psychological pressure in prison, which led to her muscle paralysis condition during her first prison sentence.

This year, her husband, journalist and Nationalist-Religious activist Taghi Rahmani, had to leave Iran before he was arrested for his activism and journalist work, leaving her with their twin young children. Her imprisonment has left the children without either one of their parents.

It appears that Narges Mohammadi has been in another accident in prison, this one because she was caught in a prison brawl among her cellmates who are hardened criminals.

There are about a hundred reasons why Narges Mohammadi should not be in prison. The Islamic Republic of Iran must be held accountable for its systematic violations of human rights, including persecution and prosecution of its finest and most devoted civil society activists such as Narges Mohammadi.