Mashhad Protest: Man Hit By Riot Police

Slogans against inflation and dictatorship

Forward to 3:30:


Dr. Mohandes

Throwing good money after bad

by Dr. Mohandes on

I wish people would estop singing that stupid song "yar e dabestani" which only symbolizes their wasted efforrt in coming out to support theretarded, Secular/akhoond-initiated, retarded Green movement.

Are these folks crazy? Coming out, risking their lives in facing a group of trained killers, receiving orders by another bunch of trained killers, only to sing that dumb song?

what a shame. 


They are not riot police

by asadabad on

They are terrorists brutalizing peaceful protestors.  Did that look like a riot to anybody?  Those shiite losers are cowards.  Why else would they pick on an old/defenseless man?


It won't last too long

by onlyinamrica on

Iranians Have a huge tolerance for hunger.


درود بر تمام ایرانیان مبارز


With the hopes of one day really soon, Iranians can gain control of their own life and destiny, live in peace and independence from foreign political influence

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



زنده باد مشهد


مردم مشهد تا حال سهم فوق العاده ای در این جنبش داشته اند و آدم را بیاد نقش تبریز در انقلاب مشروطه می اندازند. امیدوارم شهرهای دیگر هم شعار آزادی را تکرار کنند.


با شعار "مرگ بر گرانی" شروع میشود،با "آزادی، آزادی" ادامه میابد


با شعار "مرگ بر گرانی" شروع میشود، با "آزادی، آزادی" ادامه میابد و تا میرسن به " رفراندوم، رفراندوم:این است شعار مردم" نیروهای سرکوب سر میرسند و ملت را متفرق میکنند.
پریروز نیشابور  ، دیروز مشهد، فردا ...؟


Anahid Hojjati

several revolutions started because of food shortages/prices

by Anahid Hojjati on

If you do a quick Google serach or if you are good at history, several movements/revolutions started because of food concerns. Constitutional revolution of 1905 in Iran started with increase in prices of sugar cube. In France it was price of bread.  In 1917 Russian revolution, this is what Wikipedia notes:

"The war also developed a weariness in the city, owing to a lack of food in response to the disruption of agriculture. Food had become a considerable problem in Russia, but the cause of this did not lie in any failure of the harvests, which had not been significantly altered during war-time. The indirect reason was that the government, in order to finance the war, had been printing off millions of rouble notes, and by 1917 inflation had made prices increase up to four times what they had been in 1914. The peasantry were consequently faced with the higher cost of purchases, but made no corresponding gain in the sale of their own produce, since this was largely taken by the middlemen on whom they depended. As a result they tended to hoard their grain and to revert to subsistence farming. Thus the cities were constantly short of food. At the same time rising prices led to demands for higher wages in the factories, and in January and February 1916 revolutionary propaganda, aided by German funds, lead to widespread strikes. "



Raoul1955, please bring Bart back, Spock has no emotion.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

also to clarify your wondering, Iranians know a few things for certain, that Iran was for sure more prosperous with the late Shah, the people enjoyed greater Peace, Freedom and Indepedence with the late Shah, then tragically since the USA and UK intentionally betrayed the late King to thwart Iran, who's team had guided Iran from the 130th wealthiest to being the 9th wealthiest nation on its way to being the 4th wealthiest nation and in his teams place helped bring the mullahs to power openly and so putting Iran under indirect US control as a "neocolony" has not helped iranians enjoy prosperity.  The path to prosperity, freedom, independence is clear for many Iranians due to personal experience, though US/UK propaganda activities still have many Iranians deceived.


Has it started?

by choghok on

Seems like the financial pressure is having its effects. Who was saying keeping Persians hungry to control them?


I just wonder

by Raoul1955 on

If Iranians would have enjoyed a more prosperous life had they been under the direct US control, for example a US colony!  
Just a thought.


This is Significant, because its Mashad which has been

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

A religous stronghold community and yet they are calling at 2.30 for a referendum, which almost everyone knows is the right path for Iran and is also the message of Reza Pahlavi since he went into Exile.  And the open insults to the authorities by the people, like bee pedar madar are directed at their feeling towards the IRI thugs which represents both the west and the mullahs.

Dr. Mohandes

Sons of fatherless Goats!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Then these same idiots turn around and show images of supposedoviolence in europe or even the states.