Maryam Namazie: Opposing Islamism

Promoting Women's Rights


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by ahosseini on

I like this speech too. It is a great improvement compared to her speech against London School of Economic's(LSE) resolution (// . She is criticising Saudi's too which is a step forward. I hope to see her extending this to criticising orthodox Jews and Christians too and also those responsible to promote  these reactionary laws in Iran or any other part of world. Islamic hardliners are byproduct of so called war against terror initiated by newcons under and leaders like Bush and Nathanyahu. Hitler created rightwing zionists and they in turn created Muslim fundamentalist or had major contributions in the creation of these hardliners. After all, these so called heros of fight against Mojahedin and Taliban are the one who created them in the first place. Who has introduced Sharieh in the Uk? The conservatives (within the system), argueing that they want to treat all communities with respect which is nothing but loads of rubbish. Why doesn't she fight those who introduce these backward laws. In my view, extreme measures are counterproductive.  We should fight by the way reason rather than doing things like burning Quran, going naked or forcing women to remove their head scarf.

(bedanim kin jameah sonnatist - ke roshangari kar por zahmatist}  

About nudity, if she insists, I honestly prefer she should leave that to Golshifteh.  

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


Mind your own business!

by Kooshan on

I've seen many "oghdeh-ee" women like her ruining good families!!!!

Feminists are as bad as male-shauinists!!!!! Extremism must be opposed in any shape or form. All she knows is attacking Shariah........The # of women abused barbarically in the west or by modern men are far more than violence against women in the Islamic countries.

The problem is that the media is in the hands of wrong people.


To me taking the scarf off of people in France is as inhumane as putting the scarf on the head of women unwillingfully in Iran.


Be fair or be squared! 


is she the nude one?

by Iranboy on

Is this Maryam the nude? I suggest she sheds afew pounds first and then exposes her tits and bulges... it is really disgusting!


My hat's off to you, Ms. Namazie!

by Milan on

You are indeed a principled, gutsy woman.


Is Being Naked Bad , or this (for Demo)

by IranFirst on




Great Speech by Ms. Namazi


What an enlightening speech

by divaneh on

Well done Ms Namazie. Looking at the audience I could see that many of them were indeed in need of hearing your words and learning your views. Salute.


My new hero

by mahmoudghaffari on

a fellow agnostic


Respect to Miss Namazie.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

A  brave Lady who speaks for human and women's right, whose every word is a thorn in the eyes of the corrupt, thieving, murdering Islamist regime and every single little hate filled, frustrated islamo fascist... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


The Naked Revolutionaries!

by Demo on

Her talk on the video clip was neither about opposing Islam nor about the women's rights. She was rather opposing Sharia Law & Sharia Courts! And did she really need to go too far like below to prove a point?




Kudos to this woman, Ms. M. Namazie

by Fatollah on

I support her wholeheartedly!


Thank you for posting

by Truthseeker9 on

What a wonderful woman, doing her bit ... "one law for all and no religious courts".