Javad Mahjoub: Skippping Olympics

Judo champ, ending chance of facing Israeli

NPR: Iranian judo champion Javad Mahjoub will miss the London 2012 Olympics because he needs a 10-day course of antibiotics, according to reports. But few Olympic observers are worried about the health of Mahjoub, 21. Many of them see the withdrawal as a ploy to keep from competing against an Israeli. From London, Tom Goldman filed this report for NPR's Newscast:

Javad Mahjoub reportedly didn't make the trip to London because he has 'a critical digestive system infection.' Mahjoub is the only Iranian who would've potentially competed against an athlete from Israel. Iran has had a policy of not competing against Israelis, and was criticized for having its athletes withdraw from events against Israelis at the last two Summer Olympics. Monday, an Iranian Olympic official signaled a change in that policy at the London Games, saying, 'We will be truthful to sport.'

But with Mahjoub out, that becomes moot. This past weekend, International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said athletes who refuse to compete against another competitor will be punished >>>


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Iranian evasion is a peace initiative

by maghshoosh on

The Iranian policy of not facing Israeli athletes at sports events, if carried to its logical conclusion and reciprocated by Israel, should be encouraged.  The logical extension of the principle of not confronting an Israeli in any competition is to not confront them in combat, which, if reciprocated by Israel, would mean no confrontations between Iranian & Israeli combatants.  Although, they could still lob missiles at each other.

Ari Siletz

Can't reach Iranian Olympic committee!

by Ari Siletz on

Tried checking the Iranian Olympic Committee website. It says "service unavailable." Anyone else have the same problem?



by jmyt17 on

Stupid ideologies of Islamic IRI.Go there and show that you are real athlete.Not listening to dirty AKHOOND, teaching and lying for last 1,400 years.


of course

by Fesenjoon2 on

It's because theyre afraid to lose to the Israeli athelete. Imagine what an aberoo-rizi that would be. Hah!


Send them home

by choghok on

I am not a fan of Israel but IOC should put pressure on IRI for putting its policies above Olympic spirit and send back home all participants fromIran. That way they would really feel the pressure not to meddle with athletics. It would also be lesson for others. God knows how many Iranian athletes have trained in years to be able to do their best and then they are put a side for this stupid policy.