Israel links 'suicide bomber' to Iran

Lebanese Hezbollah was the direct perpetrator under Iran's auspices, Israel says

BBC: The bombing of an Israeli tourist bus in eastern Bulgaria was probably carried out by a male suicide bomber with fake US documents, officials say. At least seven people died and 34 were injured when the bus exploded at Burgas airport, by the Black Sea. Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said Lebanese Hezbollah was the direct perpetrator, under Iran's auspices >>>


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Innocent people losing their lives….

by Bavafa on

For the stupidity and soberness of “leaders” such as Khamenei, Netanyahu or the infamous and deceased Ben Laden.

  [sensible] people need to condemn these acts, whether is carried out by rouge groups & cults or regimes & goverments.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



US: Bombing WAS done by Hezbollah/IRI (New York Times)

by IranFirst on


Burgas suicide bomber identified as Guantanamo jihadist

by Frashogar on


The Hitler's 'Blame Game!'

by Demo on


Let's see some evidence of who really did this before we go marching off to war. Hitler killed a few Germans just to have an excuse to invade Poland. Nobody can be really trusted anymore in this upside down world.