Iran's Threat to Dick Cheney's Huge Contract

Gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and India

The IPI or the Peace pipeline is a partially constructed pipeline to deliver natural gas from Iran to Pakistan and later India. The contract signed in 1995 and believed to be a great source of benefit for the three countries, delivering low price energy from the largest natural gas field in the world to Pakistan and India.


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Cheney is evil incranate.

by vildemose on

Cheney is evil incranate. The man is responsible for so much tragedy and pain around the world. Hope one day he gets his comeuppance. He has no remorse. That's what make him even more revolting.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


1953 and mossadegh was about oil,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Unlike JM supporters wish to acknowledge, it was to successfully bring a populist to power to serve western interests under the banner of nationalization to the bnefit of the UK/FRANCE/HOLLAND making sure the King was ousted and the government would be under foreign control, via Mossadegh, infact the proceedings harmed Iran in a way the Shahs team could never repair later on.  Iran lost Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraqi oil payments for good through the Europeans loyal servants actions, our very own Mossadegh.

Unfortunately for the UK/France/Holland the Shahs team had built a friendship with the USA during ww2 and the shah would call in favors, his request was simple to give political protection from Russia/USA/France/Holland/UK and be able to enforce the constitution of Iran, which Mossadegh and the band of Iranian traitors had replaced.  It was seen as a reasonable request only because the Shah would not need any other type of backing, he had the land owners, the clergy, the constitution, the army all on his side already and he came back effortlessly on his own merits, not as a result of some mythical effort by operation ajax tudeh, which like was a total failure and embarrasment, but the success of the return of the late shah was the result of the effort of the shahs own team.

Sadly traitors never change and in 1979 tudeh, JM like Mek would be back in pursuit of power at the expese of the people of iran as per usual.  This time however, it was the USA's turn to double cross the people of Iran by betraying the late shah with the USA's former adversaries as its supporters and created a policy known as the Carter Doctrine=The Oil in the Middle east belongs to the USA and no one else.

The late shah wasn't even a populist in the first place like hitler, stalin, mussolini, mossadegh etc to have access to absolute power, for anyone to even be able to call him a dictator, yet with a little advertizing help from the USA, not too much in the peanut department between their ears, we had people calling the late shah a dictator????  And since those dark days we all know who became the real owner of the oil in the entire region and which society benefits from the oil wealth and as a result of the removal of the late shah and exactly which people no longer benefit from the oil wealth of iran, the way they used to when the late shah was in power.  Come on guys, work that little peanut!!!!

When ones national culture has been defended by the Monarchy and when the King serves the majority of the people my first question would be what kind of beasts would make up stuff to replace the King and an era of peace, progress, human rights, expanding freedom, education and access to resources?

The Cheneys/GWBushes/Obamas/Carters/Mossadeghs have been around since the start of time. ie Machiavellian Politicians.

What makes them so successful is what Iranians could benefit from exploring.  So long as there are 4 legged donkeys among us there are always those that will say why should I walk when I can ride them and a few that will want to criminally abuse them beyond just a little ride/machiavellian politics.  Iran today is going through/the victim of a criminal policy, she has lost her freedom, security and sovereignty all of which she had with the late shah.  And yet instead of rallying around the Shah and admitting the deception of 1979, some people still prefer to look good, stay in control and be right which translate to living in denial of the traitor that mossadegh was, JM was, tudeh was, Khomeini was and reflect on why exactly was the late shah a great leader???? Maybe for being unlike his opponents in not being a machiavellian politician and which teams of people that have successfully created democratic societys and parliamentary democracies, whether in the UK, Japan, Holland, Sweden etc. thats right the monarchists.  I know asking a nation that fell for the IRI to learn the correct lessons is totally unreasonable, though it won't change my desire for making the unreasonable request of Iranians, work the little peanut of yours, please, that has finally become Irans only hope.


Soosan Khanoom

Well I know, unlike their dumb supporters on this site,

by Soosan Khanoom on

our political prisoners in Iran are smart enough to figure it all out.  And... what would be next for them?  If Fred et al agenda for them comes true then they will be released only to be arrested again ... this time, however, instead of Halal food they will be served Koshers ..  still the same taste though !!!

and, again, the answer is :  Duuuuuhh  




In disguise of Interest of USA

by Azarbanoo on

Every crime is accepted!


GWB, the emperor …..

by Bavafa on

Was he really an incompetent president or incredibly smart in his criminal governance?

  I yearn for the day to see him, along with his gang [Cheney/Rumsfeld, Rice] brought up to court of justice to account for their crimes against humanity. 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory