Iran vows to confront "malicious" embargo

$150-billion reserve will protect Iran from sanctions, Central Bank chief says

Reuters - Iran pledged to counter the impact of a European Union oil embargo which took full effect on Sunday, saying it had built up $150 billion in foreign reserves to protect itself. "We are implementing programmes to counter sanctions and we will confront these malicious policies," Mehr news agency quoted central bank governor Mahmoud Bahmani as saying. He said the effects of the sanctions were tough but that Iran had built up $150 billion in foreign reserves >>>


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by Rastgoo on

For 33 years these bastards have lied to the naive Iranian people.  Iran has on average has had a GDP growth rate of ~1% per year.  Last year Iran's GDP grow by 2.5% vs.  Turkey at 8.5%.  These are all losses that our people have incurred so the mullah's can stay in power.  These sanctions will ruin Iran and it's oil industry and will entrench the regime. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

SWIFT embargo is making access to those funds very difficult

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Embargo against the Iranian banking system is 100 times worse than the oil embargo, because a lump of cash which cannot be "swiftly" accessed and utilized, is a lump of crap.


Doozdane Islami

by jmyt17 on


International community bring these dirty Rat to their knee.What they believe in their dirty rule of Islamic, killing/Rapping and lying to the people.

This is what Islam teaching.

IRI Time is just around the corner.



Why are these officials so

by vildemose on

Why are these officials so obese?


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


With the sort of thievery ….

by Bavafa on

We have seen at the top level of IRI, I wonder how long does $150B will last!

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



شیکم اینو عشق است!




"شکم خودرا گورستان حیوانات نکنید. ولی همیشه ذخیره داشته باشید!" علی بن ابیطالب

ذخیره ارزی مملکت توی حساب های بانک سویس هیات رهبریست.


Our petro-dollars at work!!!

by Arj on

The question is while the nation is suffering from the implications of a 40% unemployment rate and 35% inflation, who has given them the right to hold back that kind of money for their war chest?!!


Mardom=Hezbollah=Akhunds=Sepahi=Baseejie=10 percent!!!

by Benyamin on

The real people of Iran are the ones that will meet most of the hardship.

The Akhunds have killed everyone around them and now they are asking the very same people to defend the revolution which has no value for the ordinary people but everything for the Akhunds!!!