Inside Israel's war against Iran

Wolf Blitzer talks with Dan Raviv, author of "Spies Against Armageddon"


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iraj khan


by iraj khan on

Jew boys

warming up the crowd

in anticipation of an attack against Iran.


Surgical attack, the only way

by mahmoudghaffari on

US needs to consider seriously attacking certain sites in Iran, with the caveat that these attacks must lead to the removal of the regime.  Target the Military, basij and regime leadership hideouts and the populace, the majority of which are against the regim, will come into the streets.  The regime at that point would be too weak and vulnerable to be able to survice.  va salam.

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Nuclear weapons in my view cannot really be used. They are primarily of psychological value and increase the bargaining leverage in negotiating conflict situations.

So if Iran ever comes into possession of a nuclear weapon it will bring about a balance of power in the Middle-East. This way there will be a far higher likelihood to reach meaningful peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

So actually an Iranian nuclear weapon might in the end even be in the interest of Israel. I just think that the Israelis are still obsessed with their image of invincibility and they are doing themselves a disservice by persisting in that arrogant attitude. They should wake up and see that there are cracks appearing in that image of invincibility.

They are losing the media and psychological warfare because of Internet and free flow of information and they are also losing the economic warfare because of the multiple safeguards that European and North-American countries have built into their economic system. All this means that they cannot pack as much punch as before.

Last but not least look at Zionist bullying:

  1. Covert operations such as computer viruses not only against Iran's nuclear sites but also Iranian oil facilities.
  2. Targeted assassinations of nuclear scientists.
  3. Air-tight sanctions of all sorts against Iran.
  4. Threats of strategic military strikes.
  5. Demonization and dehumanizations of Iran and Iranians at large.


All because Ahmadinejad said that the Israeli regime will vanish from the pages of time which they have mistranslated and fed people ad nauseam?

Do you really think that all the above-mentioned can bring down the regime? Do you think it will cause riots due to people's discontentment? Do you think the regime cares about the people?


the great game of deception

by Rastgoo on

I am firmly against the IRI.  I would like nothing in the world more than to see this barbaric regime overthrown and replaced by a democratically elected government.  But the truth of the matter is:

1.  Iran is being bullied into giving up its nuclear program even though there is no evidence of them seeking a "bomb".  Israel is fomenting all this through their almost complete control of US foreign policy in the ME.  The reason for Israel is distraction from their land grab policies and stopping any chance of a powerful military counter in the ME.

2.  Iran should have a nuclear weopon but only under a democratic regime that heeds to the popular will rather than god's will.

3.  Israel has played dirty in the ME and US.  I have nothing against any group of people and I hope that I don't send the wrong message.  But if Iran is attacked and inevitably demolished by the US a la Iraq in 1991, it is due Israel's saber rattling.  It is Israel's fault as much as the anachronistic morons leading IRI.  And the Iranian nation will not forgive the US and Israel for that for many years to come.  Just as a comparison have we forgiven the US for the Mossadegh 1953 coup?

4.  An attack on Iran will be a grave mistake that will only lead to the utter destrcution of Iran's infrastructure, Iran's territorial integrity will be compromised (Kurdistan, Khuzestan, Baluchestand and possibly Azerbaijan will want secession, the Islands in the Persian Gulf may be lost to the UAE....), Iran's and possibly the Persian Gulf Arab states' oil field will be set ablaze and the IRI will last many many many more years.

Let's all hope that Obama lives up to his unjustified Nobel peace award.


Amazing that there is talk of a military option,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

when the people of iran have not been helped politically to remove the regime.  Especially when so many within iran are so deeply upset, by having been deceived by the west regarding the late shah, khomeini and the wests real agenda to thwart the freedom and development that the late shahs team were delivering.



State sponsored terrorist activities...

by Bavafa on

If the reports of these terrorist act turns out to be true which so far have been indicated by many organizations, this puts Israel in the same club as IRI, State sponsored terrorism. The question is which nation has seniority in this club?  

However all indications points to the more sophistication and expertise of Israelis terrorist superior to  IRI terrorist.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Immoral Guard

by Faramarz on



Let's say for a second that the Regime will have one Super Bomb that can destroy the entire state of Israel. Has the thought crossed your mind that such bomb will also destroy the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, a good chunk of Southern Lebanon and parts of Egypt and Jordan?

It looks like that you want to save the village by burning the village. That's immoral. 

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

I almost never resort to character assassination or name-calling. I think it degrades the discussion. I almost always stick to the discussion. I don't mind if people call me anti-semitic. It is always the easy way out. And I don't wish any war.

But I think that if Israel carries out what it calls a strategic bombing of Iran's nuclear sites then it will be beneficial in the long run for Iran for the reasons I gave in an earlier post on this page.

Just look at the title of this book containing the word Armageddon. Please pay attention to the significance of the words used.

And what the one-bom destruction of Israel concerns there are many people who have said that. I did not originate that statement. If you know German then watch this:


Anonymous Observer

Reader, I was actually referring to "Immortal Guard"

by Anonymous Observer on

Kind of odd that you showed up all of a sudden though...



IG, do you ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Even know the difference between an atomic bomb and a thermonuclear device (Fusion Bomb)?  An H-Bomb, the biggest of which was test detontaed by USSR many years ago had a payload of 60 megatons.  Even a bomb that poweful would not destroy the entire country of Israel.  And keep in mind that even if the "Rozehkhoon Bastards" and their IRGC thugs develop an atmic bomb, it will be a fission bomb which at most have a payload of a few hundred kilotons (Leass than 1 megaton).  It took the U.S. 8 years after Manhatan Project to develop an H-Bomb, and then it was so large that it was not deliverable by any bomber or missile, it tokk them another 6 years to develop a deliverable H-Bomb.  Now Israel, svseral years ago received many Thermonuclear Warheads (I've heard > 200) from the U.S. and Britain through Canada.  So with all that said, be careful what you wish for, this could be the complete annialation of your beloved "Rozehkhoon Khaen", not to mention massive loss of life of innocent Iranians.  Also, before you start calling me a Jew or Zionist, know this, I was born in a Moslem family in Iran, am a 100% Iranian man, and firmly believe that Islam a fake religion that has held biilions of prople captive through the ages, caused the death, rape, pillage, and general misery of many more.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


Dear Anonymous Observer:

by reader1 on

I take it that you are refer erring to this ‘reader’ as “disenchanted”. Believe me, I am just a humble reader who from time to time visits this site to stay in touch with his roots. I find anti-semitic views expressed in “Talkback” by a small minority of misguided fellow Iranians not only abhorrent but  inhumane.  However I am not ashamed of expressing sympathy for the Palestinian people who continue after more than 43 years to live under Israeli occupation that daily violates many of their fundamental and inalienable human rights.   
I'll continue keeping a good thought for you.

Immortal Guard

Israel was shooting in the dark in its war with Hezbollah!

by Immortal Guard on

Israel lost its war with the Hezbollah. They were shooting like madmen into the dark. Just the way they proceeded with the blind bombardment of Lebanese landscape is a testament to that.

Israel basically lost its war with the Hezbollah:



Now Egypt (before it made peace with Israel) could not develop any atomic weapons because it is smaller than Iran and its territory is flat (so it provides little hiding) and it is Israel's immediate neighbour and easily targeted.

Also Egypt's geographic location is not as strategic as Iran's. Iran is the heart of the Middle East and has far more strategic depth. Just to give you an example both Cental Asia and Iraq were part of the Sassanid Empire.

So once the Islamic Revolution in Egypt is truly finalized Israel will be in a very vulnerable position particularly if Iran at that time has nuclear weapons.

Even Turkey is turning slowly against Israel:


Even the Young Turks are taking the side of Iran:


By the way I think that Arash_Kamangir should change his name to King_Solomon.


Anonymous Observer

I don't think there has even been a comment by IG on this site

by Anonymous Observer on

that hasn't included the words Jew, Israel or Zionist in it.  Could it be Tourette Syndrome?  

PS- I'm glad that people like IG post this stuff.  It gives a window into their warmongering and deranged mentality.  If you read the comment--not even so much between the lines--you will notice that these people's ultimate goal is to push Iran into a nuclear conflict with Israel over the Palestinian issue.  In their deranged minds, Israel can only be "finished off" with one nuke, whereas Iran, due to its size and population, can withstand multiple nuclear strikes by Israel.  Therefore, millions of Iranians will end up dying, but that's OK, so long as Jews are killed as well and Qods is liberated.  Because we will have a bigger population, and will eventually survive.  Completely deranged!!  And these are the same people who scream about sanctions "killing Iranians."  What a bunch of...

BTW, "Disenchanted," how many different usernames do you have on IC?!!!  

hamsade ghadimi

kamangir, i think this is

by hamsade ghadimi on

kamangir, i think this is mr. guard's abstract for his entry essay in the islamists' "top wet dream fantasy" contest.  it doesn't come even close to the fantasy that "a martyr shall be rewarded with 70 female virgins" which is neck and neck with another famous fantasy: "the saviour of the world, mahdi, is residing in a well in iran and will rise to rule the world."

Arash Kamangir

Immortal Guard

by Arash Kamangir on

200 millions arabs could not do anything against Israel and you think a bunch of mullahs can annihilate state of Israel? People like you will take this wish to the grave without any realizsation.

Immortal Guard

War is preferable!

by Immortal Guard on

I hope sanctions and covert operations don't yield the desired result and that the Israelis in their madness resort to unilateral military operations.

That way Iran will leave the NPT and proceed swiftly with the justified production of an atomic bomb. And let's remember one atomic bomb would be enough for all of Israel.

Once Iran has atomic missiles pointed at Israel it would mean mutually assured destruction and that in effect neutralizes Israel's nuclear advantage in the Middle-East. 

With the changing political tides in neighbouring Arab countries Israel will be surrounded with marauding Arabs who will be easily able to overpower it and Israel as a Zionist entity will come to the end of its existence.