HSBC Allowed Iran Money Laundering

25,000 transactions totaling more than $19.4 billion involved Iran, U.S. report claims

Bloomberg: HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) did business with firms linked to terrorism, and bypassed U.S. sanctions against Iran, according to U.S. Senate investigators. The report cited HSBC’s violations of Treasury Department sanctions on dealings with Iran. An outside audit by Deloitte LLP showed that 25,000 transactions totaling more than $19.4 billion involved Iran, according to the report >>>


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The game of cat & mouse on the back of Iranians....

by Bavafa on

This sanction only based on politics has created a game of cat & mouse and the soul losers are the Iranian people in this game.  I hope and wish all the illicit money and profit made as a result of these sanction or the advocacy of it either by the Iranian thugs and thieves, mainly Sepah/Basij thugs or the foreign and domestic opportunist to be spent on Dava o Doktor in the most miserable way.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



many more still do business with Iran

by mahmoudghaffari on

I have beeing saying this for many years, to FBI and on sites like, i can name many names among the Iranian community who do business with Iran comfortably without thinking of the consequences.  With traitors like them we expect sanctions to have effect!!!!!!