Hamid & Saleh Moradi Sarvestani: Prisoners of the day

Dervish brothers

Majzooban-e Noor: Hamid Reza and Saleh Moradi Sarvestani are Nematollahi Gonabadi Order dervishes.

Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani headed Majzooban-e Noor, the website for the Order. Security forces arrested Hamid Reza Moradi on September 4, 2011, along with a group of other contributor to the website that documented the increasing persecution of the Gonabadi dervishes, during a raid on the group in the town of Kavar in Fars Province.

His brother, Saleh, was also arrested at his home in Shiraz on Septembr 7, 2011 when plainclothes security forces entered his home without a warrant.

The two men have been charged with "insulting the Supreme Leader," "creating public anxiety," "assembly and collusion against national security," "propagating falsehoods," and "membership in a deviant group." Hamid Reza Moradi faces the additional charge of "destroying public property."

The health of the two dervish brothers who have been in prison in Tehran and Shiraz for more than ten months has seriously deteriorated and their family's efforts to seek medical treatment for them have been futile.

Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani, who is detained inside Evin Prison's security ward, is currently facing a health crisis. He suffers from severe heart and kidney problems, and has been hospitalized in critical condition several times, but has not received proper treatment so far. Sarvestani has been transferred to hospital in handcuffs and footcuffs, but each time he has been returned to prison before completing his treatment course.

Saleh Moradi Sarvestani has been detained inside the Adel Abad Prison in Shiraz. He also suffers from serious health problems and his repeated requests for medical attention by a specialist or transfer to a medical facility have been refused. Saleh Moradi suffers from severe shoulder and arm pains, which he developed inside the Shiraz Intelligence Office's Detention Center, known as Number 100, caused by physical pressure during his interrogations.

Seven Gonabadi dervishes, including Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani, refused to attend their May 15 trial session at Branch 15 of Tehran Revolutionary Court under Judge Salavati, stating that they had been unable to study their cases and the evidence for their indictment, as well as the illness of two of the suspects, Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani and Mostafa Daneshjoo.


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Dear AI

by Souri on

thanks for your interesting comment. Part of what you said, could be well understood. At least you are expressing your own views, as a pro Israeli Jewish. I might not agree with what you believe in, but I have the tolearance to hear your views.

What I don't agree is the # 1 and 2, in your enumerated arguments.

See, the IRI is not equal to Islam (or Muslim, or Islamist,,,whatever)

As surprising as it might sound, when I came back to Iran after 28 years, I have found more Islamic tendency among the young and the  middle age people, much more than before. I could esaily see my cousins, who were completely Westernized at the time of the Shah (some of them have also studied in Europe at that time) practice Islam, doing prayer and fasting! This phenomena, is of course due to the brain washing people by the Iranian Media nowadays, but nevertheless, Islam is not bashed in Iran. Not at all!

In fact there are more Iranians having faith in Islam, now than before. Eventhough most of them, are agaisnt the IRI. They bash the IRI, but beleive strongly in their religion, Islam!

The same way that the word "Israeil Rapists" caused a big shock to you and your friends, the same way the word "Islamist Rapists" does shcok the Muslims, and mostly the Iranian Muslims.

By repeating this word everywhere,  Fred wants to bash Isalam, because of his hate for the Palestine and the Palestinians. He is doing his job of Zionism, by using subtilely  the strong feeling of solidarity of the Iranians for their compatriots in prison, against Islam.

What I am against is the use of the word "Rapsits" here. First of all, rape is an reaction of violence caused by repressed needs and natural instact of human being. Rape is not related to Islam. It is not even related to the IRI (who are not the representative of Islam).

Everybody knows that the IRI is practicing the inhuman rules under the name of Islam. This is why they are hated by many true Muslims.

But saying "Islamsits Rapists" means that all the Islamists= Islamic = Muslims, are the rapists! Which is not only absurd but just an insult to the same people for whom we are gathering in this page!

Most of these prisoners are Muslims! Nasrin Sotoudeh, was fasting, on the day of her arrestation. These two dervishes, are practicing Islam. Many and many of our compatriots in the IRI prisons are tortured and even raped by the IRI people, but they too, are Muslims !

So by coming here and ranting about the Islamists being the rapists, Fred is only insulting all our compatriots, including the same prisoners for who IC made this column!

Hence, I have all the reason to say the same about his country (while I am more respectful than him, and don't insult the Nation, only the government of Israel). What goes around, comes aroudn.

Fred has no right to insult the Iranian people belief! He is a Jewish? Alright! He can keep his religion and his belief for himself. We are not gathering in this page, to bash Islam, but only to condemn the atrocities of the government of Iran toward the Iranian people, who are also the Muslims and else.

As long as Fred continue messing with this page, I will continue doing the same as before!

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Souri, so is it about Fred, Israel or the Poor IR Prisoners

by Artificial Intelligence on

You have made many accusations about Fred in your response, non of which relates to your post re "Israeli Rapists" which bothers people here because it take attention away from the real victims of the IRI.

So at the expense of getting back at Fred, its OK to to attempt to change the subject? (assuming that your accusation against Fred are correct). I honestly think its a poor choice but you are free to do whatever you want.

I can not speak for Fred as to whether he is trying to bash Islam/Muslims when he uses the word Islamists. However, I know the following to be true, regardless of what Fred says:

1) The IRI, through its actions has caused more harm to Islam and Muslims. Whoever really cares about Muslim bashing should concentrate on getting rid of the IRI not getting rid of Fred's 2 blogs or attacking Fred for his stance on sanctions. 

2) The IRI, an Islamist entity made up of Muslims, has bashed Islam more than Fred will ever be able to bash Islam on IC through his 2 blogs per day. 

3) The IRI, and its policies,  are to blame for the current situation of sanctions, confrontation with the West, Israel and possibility of military strikes against it.  No other country is to blame but the IRI.

4) "Logistical Needs" for me means/translates to supporting Iranians with money and weapons to overthrow the IRI. "Logistical Needs" in no way means military attack by outsiders and I would be against it. If and when the day comes that Iranians want to overthrow the IRI through internal military actions by Iranians against the IRI, I would fully support the Iranians fighting the IRI. I hope that the IRI leaves through peaceful  means but I don't think it will ever happen because they are savages who do not care for Iran. 

5) Separatist movements exist in Iran because of IRI actions internally. Separatists do not exists because of USA, Israel, West or AIPAC and Fred's support for them. The IRI abuses the human rights of Kurds, Baluchis, Bahais, Arabs and every other minority group which make up 40% of the Iranian population. What do you expect these minorities to do? Do you expect them to bendover and get raped by the IRI thugs?

6) If the IRI can support Hamas and Hizbollah, then AIPAC & Israel have every right to support IRI enemies, including the Separatist. Cheshmeh IRI koor, they decided to play with fire, they will get burned. If Iranians do not overthrow the IRI, there is a serious risk of minorities in Iranian getting into a full scale civil war with the IRI. See what is happening in Syria? Is that AIPAC's fault? 

7) Blaming everything on Israel or bringing up Israel when its is not necessary, only helps Israel. As an Iranian jew, who supports Israel's right to exist and defend itself against the IRI menace, I want to formally thank you for helping Israel. However, as an Iranian, I am very sad that you diverted attention from the political prisoners in IRI so you can have your day with Fred. 

8) Fred will never change his sanction policy towards the IRI no matter what accusations you throw at him. The fact that he is Jewish and supports Israel and Iranians at the same time, has not changed any Muslim minds here with regards to the IRI. 

Good Luck. 


Stop milking the imprisoned

by Simorgh on

Islamic flag blinks on the left side as you read this daily blog about those imprisoned by the islamist regime. Least this site can do is avoid disrespecting prisoners. Remove advertisers that keep waving islamist flag, or stop featuring prisoners of the islamic regime daily. Else, the hyposcricy is too flagrant


Anahid Hojjati

freedom for all political prisoners and their lawyers in Iran

by Anahid Hojjati on

freedom also for all those who have been put in prison for their religious beliefs, and practices, 


If he has revised his comment

by Shepesh on

then that is fine. I would really like to hear what he has to say about all this. Especially when people say "He doesn't care neithr for Iran, nor for the people of Iran, not even for the Iranian prisoners or for the Human Rights in Iran!....funding and aiding separatist movements and terrorist activities inside Iran."

There are also non AIPAC members who have written in favour of war on IC. But they are entitled to their opinion, they are even very popular bloggers. It does not necessarily mean they are demons, these topics need to be raised and discussed.

One thing I feel is it is naive to think one can trust everyone on IC who makes a point of being against war. People come to IC in many guises and are manipulative. So please do not under estimate IC readers. We recognise all sorts of people.  


در ضمن....


اونهایی که هر روز هر روز شعار ضّد جمهوری اسلامی میدن، ولی‌ هیچ وقتی برای این گروه شجاع و مبارز ندران یا دلشون ضعف میره و اعصابشون خورد می‌شه، حناشون برای من رنگی‌ نداره

حالا هر چقدر دوست داری شعار بدید

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



`زندانین` عزیز، قربون اون کلامت....


When you ask “what is more disrespectful”?

  This column of “Prisoner of the day” on IC has been going on for nearly 7 months every day with a new face and name cataloging victims of IRI, yet it will get few comments at best in support.  This is of course till Fred found a new venue to add to his two-blog-a-day message  of “airtight sanction” to support his advocacy of “starving Iranians” 

Not only I agree with Souri khanom to bring attention to this insane idea to demonize Muslims because of what IRI has been doing, I command her being the cause of getting so many more people to visit this column, even if it is not for the support of these brave prisoners and for bashing her.

Thank you Souri Khanom.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



AI, khajeh Ali is not the same as Ali khajeh

by Souri on

You said :

" If its the fact that Fred calls them "Islamists" rapists that bothers
you, why does it bother you?

Isn't IRI an "Islamist" state?  "

-  khajeh Ali is not the same as Ali khajeh. The IRI are Islamists (what a word!) but all the Islamists are not in/with the IRI.

By repeating "Islamist Rapists" Fred is trying to bash Islam, and not only the IRI.

He doesn't care neithr for Iran, nor for the people of Iran, not even for the Iranian prisoners or for the Human Rights in Iran!

Fred is a revisionist. Just a few hours ago, when he saw that the debate is getting too hot, He has  deleted the last part of his comment which  was a direct suggestion for a military attack on Iran by the Westerners:

"Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must. So is helping the enslaved Iranian people with logistical needs to overthrow the messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all."

The "Logistical" help he is talking about, suggests actions that can only be accomplished through military means! It also includes separation of Iran, as described at AIPAC conferences.
The "logistical help" he is talking about includes funding and aiding separatist movements and terrorist activities inside Iran.

Fred never talks about any of those prisoners of the Day, but just uses this page for promoting the military attack on Iran, with the "help" of the "sane world".....
Enough is enough!

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Racism, Bigotry,

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Souri khanum,

Israelis regard themselves as a nation. If a person singles out the Israeli people and calls them "Rapist" then that is racist.

There does not exist "the Egyptian race," or "the Palestinian race," or "the Iranian race." But if someone said that "Iranians are rapists"or "Palestinians are rapists" or "Egyptians are rapists," we would say such statements are "racist statements." A person who makes "racist statements" is a racist.

In modern scholarship, especially genetics, we do not use the term "race" the way it was used some time ago. But we continue to use the term "racist" for those who make prejudicial remarks against another group based on their shared attributes (e.g., ethnicity, national origins, claims to nationhood, and the like).

If the prejudice is against a sex, the term "sexist" is used. If the prejudice is against physical disability or mental disability, the term "bigot" is used.

I hope this is helpful.



Friendly Notes

Dear Divaneh

by Friendly Notes on

After all of these argumentative comments, you better relax and take a look at this link just for fun!



To the individuals debating Israel's Rape Statistics

by CIM on

"Israel’s 2009 per capita (per 100,000 women) incidence of rape is 17.6 ... 9,000 cases of reported sexual assault ...  I’ll close this post by quoting a female friend of mine who grew up in Israel and lived there for several decades before moving to the U.S., 'I do not recall meeting even one woman in Israel who was not harassed.'  (Source Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם)

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Souri- One in 4 US women gets raped or assualted

by Artificial Intelligence on

Please see statistics in the following link below. Most westernized countries, including Israel which is westernized, have an unacceptable rate of rape. 


However, I and most people on this thread, fail to see the relevance of Israeli rape statistics outside of jails  to the Islamist controlled IRI prisons and political rapes of Iranian prisoners by such Islamists. Fred is talking about rape for political reasons.

You have failed to show any relevance by you example. If there is any relevance, please share it.  You also have failed to show that Israelis, systematically, for political reasons, rape Palestinian prisoners. I am sure there are human rights violations in Israeli Prisons. There are human rights violations in USA and French prisons.

Here we are talking about systematic rape as a policy. Israel has no known policy of systematic rape. If it does please show it and we will shut up. 

If its the fact that Fred calls them "Islamists" rapists that bothers you, why does it bother you? Isn't IRI an "Islamist" state?  

Islamists has nothing to do with Muslims and Islam. Muslims, the overwhelming majority of whom are decent and law abiding people, are the main victims of Islamists. Isn't this a fact? If I am wrong please tell me how I'm wrong.






Masoud khan

by Souri on

I have been there before, having a long long endless discussion with you  and I am not willing to do the same mistake again!
 I have read only half of your long comment below (bonjour DK :))

First, I don't know if you are aware or not, but Israel is not a "race" but it is a country!

So, no dear, you can't call me a Racist, because I said that the Israeli government is rapist, I didn't say the Jewish rapists!

Second, raping is an act of violence which can be manifested in other forms than sexual assault!

The rest of your comment, belong to the no comment file.

Sorry, I am not willing to waste my time.




Dr. M. Ala

by CIM on

Dr. Ala, the Princes of Integrity and Impartiality have been invited to comment on this question - We will even pay for the coffee and hors d'oeuvres, but one wonders if yet again a serious writing concerning site practices and the issue of discriminatory standards will be kept off of the front page of 


Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear Divaneh

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

I am just doing what pro-democracy activists do. Our people inside deserve soooooooo much more.



by Souri on

You didn't get my point, dear.

Where did you see a word about Palestine, here? Do we assume that in Israel there's no other prisoners than the Palestinians? There are also Israeli prisoners in Israel prison, too.

Anyway, please do read the comment of Majid Zahrai, here below. This is all the point.

Thanks to Mr Zahrai.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Souri Khanum

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Souri khanum,

You are confusing so many things, it is shocking.

1. My ex (a psychology prof at the University of Utah) was associate director of the local Rape Crisis Center. In addition to her regular schedule that she was at the center ready to help, on numerous occasions she was on call and had to go to hospital if the call came in to help victims of rape. On many occasions, I had to drive her to hospitals. Unfortunately, rape occurs in all sorts of communities.

2. Data on rape are notoriously bad. I read the article you posted, and their methodology is even worse than the way the data are collected in the U.S. The report you posted includes both the Jewish and Palestinian (Muslim and Christian and I suppose Druze) communities.

The report says that in 2008, about 2,000 called and said that there were victims of rape or sexual assaults. The population of Israel is between 7 and 8 million. How they came to the rate of 1/3 is not discussed in the article.

3. This is what YOU wrote: "So we can assume that not only the government of Israel but a whole "men society" of Israel are the rapists!"

No where in the article you posted it says that the government of Israel rapes political prisoners. You could NOT find even one single example of one allegation that one female Palestinian member of PLO or Hamas was raped by the Israelis in prison.

Therefore, YOUR assumption is false. YOU are making a racist assumption. YOU have to prove that Israeli prison officials rape female Palestinian political prisoners as a form of torture.

Rape occurs in Israel by Jewish males and Palestinian males (according to the article). In the article it says that 1404 of the 2000 reported rapes were someone in their own family. And these centers are helping the victims like in many other societies such centers exist. Therefore, YOU singling out Israel and calling their government rapist while not call ALL other governments around the WORLD rapist is racist. Rape is a problem is ALL societies.

4. The issue is what is GOVERNMENT POLICY. In Iran, the regime officials in prison routinely and by policy rape female political prisoners and sodomize male political prisoners. Thus it is accurate to call the Islamist regime "Rapist Islamist."

In contrast, there does not exist even one single allegation that Israeli government rapes female and male Palestinian political prisoners. THIS is the issue when discussing human rights: What the government does systematically to political prisoners.

5. Fred is NOT attacking the religion of Islam. He is attacking Islamists, the ruling regime and its ideology. There are many many other posters on this site who have been born into Shia Muslim families who attack the religion of Islam on a daily basis.



Souri: The rape in the prisons, is unfortunately practiced in many countries, be in Africa, or in Southern America , or other countries, by the non-Muslim individuals

Therefor, this has nothing to do with Islam.



MK: Of course you put a whole bunch of violent criminal men incarcerated in one place without women, then these violent criminal men will rape each other. The issue is not criminals raping each other. The issue is the IRI GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS rape female and male POLITICAL PRISONERS as a form of torture to extract confessions and to crush them and stop them from continuing with their pro-democracy activities.

What in the world the IRI government interrogators raping non-violent pro-democracy activists got to do with a bunch of violent criminal doing with each other?????????

Stop diverting the attention of the readers to the severe extreme savage torture committed by the IRI against innocent Iranian people. STOP white washing the crimes of the IRI.



Islamist Rapists

by Shepesh on

Regime change is the only way out of this 34 years of the Messianic Islamist Rapist barbarity.

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval inspections is a must.


Iran giving out condoms for criminals to rape us, say jailed activists



Rape under a fundamentalist regime 




Thanks MK

by divaneh on

Thanks for the facts and for bringing some sense to this debate. I also object to the plight of the Iranian political prisoners being used for point scoring and distracting from the real message of the blog. There are political prisoners in many parts of the world. What do Russian or Chinese do to their political prisoners? Are they any less human than the Palestinians? With all respect for Palestinian movement and its cause, to link Iran so closely to Palestine is to play the IRI game. If we are that good let's see what we can do for our own country and people first.



by Souri on

Khanom, for a few times I have ignored you but you continue going on!

You are among those whom I already mentioned as "they want/like/try to stay in their jahl-e-morakab"!

Maghlateh ham haddi dareh khanom jon!

I will continue ignoring you!



Souri says

by Shepesh on

"I am for the respect  of the people regardless of their race or religion."

So if a Pro-Israeli (as you claim) tells a fact here, the fact is wrong. But if a Muslim bashes Islamists it is OK? So it s not the fact that matters but WHO says it?

Where is Fred's link for war? 


1 in every 3 Israeli women has been raped or sexually assaulted

by Souri on


So we can assume that not only the government of Israel but a whole "men society" of Israel are the rapists!


My concern is not the attack on the "IRI" but the free attacks on the Muslims.

People/governments of all races and religions happen to rape the weaker people, be the prisoners, women or children.

One should not use this column, which is in support of the people of Iran (who are mostly the Muslims) for attacking and bashing Islam.

I am not a fanatic Muslim, but I am for the respect  of the people regardless of their race or religion.

An act of rape, should be condemned for itself, not for the relgion of its author!

The rape in the prisons, is unfortunately  practiced in many countries, be in Africa, or in Southern America , or other countries, by the non-Muslim individuals

Therefor, this  has nothing to do with Islam.

As long as a pro-Israeli uses this column for bashing Islam, I will continue to use the same words against Israel. Nothing goes more!

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Fact vs. Propaganda

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Fact vs. Propaganda

Mild Torture

Israel and the U.S.

Israelis do NOT rape political prisoners. Israelis only have mild torture such as sleep deprivation and forcing the political prisoners to sit on small chairs.

The U.S. also does mild torture such as sleep deprivation, pushing around, water boarding (very very rarely).

As a rule the Israelis do not arrest non-violent protesters. Palestinians inside Israel and Palestinians within the post-1967 borders have the right to peaceful protests.

As a rule, Israelis only arrest those Palestinians who have engaged in violence.

The US only arrests those suspected to be with violent terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and Taliban.


Moderate Torture

Egypt, Jordan, Morocco

The Egyptian secret police under Mubarak, the Jordanians, and Moroccans do moderate forms of torture such as electric shock to sensitive parts of the body, pulling finger nails, beatings with lashes, beatings.

Egyptians, Jordanians, and Moroccans have arrested non-violent protesters.


Extreme and Severe Torture

The fundamentalist terrorist regime in Iran and Saddam Hussein regime

The IRI and Saddam engage in the most extreme and severe forms of torture in human history.

The IRI is the WORST in human history. Saddam was the second worst.

IRI engages in physical rape of male and female political prisoners.

IRI has engaged in beating up and rapes of little children of political prisoners including children as young as 4 years old.

IRI tortures and beats up wives of political prisoners.

IRI arrests non-violent pro-democracy activists, human rights activists, lawyers, journalists. Heck, the IRI has even arrested Reformist supporters of the IRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To compare the fundamentalist RAPISTS who routinely have engaged in mass rape of female and male political prisoners in Iran, with the Israelis is absurd. To my knowledge there is NOT even a single allegation that the Israeli officials raped a single female member of the PLO or Hamas. Every single person on this blog KNOWS that the IRI has RAPED thousands of female political prisoners in Iran, many of them as young as 16 year old virgins.

We have to be fair and honest. We should criticize Israelis for the bad things they have done. But it is absurd to compare the mild torture Israelis do to the violent opposition to the truly extreme severe savage torture the IRI does to young men and women, many of who are non-violent pro-democracy activists.

Lets not help the IRI’s Ministry of Intelligence by getting away with the what it does day in and day out to the Iranian people.

This blog is about two brothers who are Darwish. That is NON-VIOLENT people in a little religious group that do some mystical prayers and dancing and such. Does anyone know that the Israeli government arrests Israelis who join the Kabbalah (a Jewish mystical group like our darwishes)????????? The Israelis and the Palestinians are two nations in WAR over territory.

What the IRI does to the Iranian people is a zillion times worse than what the Israeli government does in a war situation to the Palestinians. The REAL comparison should be how the IRI treats the Iranian people with how the Israeli government treats the Jewish citizens of Israel. Does the Netanyahu government tortures and rapes the Jewish citizens of Israel for criticizing him??????

Lets be real and stop the absurdities in this blog. Lets stop helping the Ministry of Intelligence in diverting attention from the severe extreme savage torture that the IRI does to all our people.


First Amendment

یا حق

First Amendment



درود بر قوم شریف یهود.....نابود باد صهیونیزم بین الملل......برقرار
باد همت توانای ملت ایران در راه دستیابی به توانائیهای هسته‌ای......

در ضمن این دو درویش را هم، حتا اگه خودشونم بگن که واسه درویش واقعی‌ زندان و غیر زندان فرق نمیکنه، هر چه زودتر آزاد کنید..


Someone please explain so we can get this over with

by Shepesh on

some IC members are more “free,” to express their views, especially twice a day" --- sorry, but to me this appears to be jealousy. People seem to be more concerned with other peoples output than their own.  If this was so, many of comments here on this blog would have been deleted by Admin as SPAM. I consider some actions of IC members as intimidation and stalking of other members. 

"a few countries are off the limit by IC Admin" - please explain. I do not see that at all.

"several members have been banned for expressing their views" - please name them. Most people who have been banned have been repeating offenders of abuse.

Mohammad Ala

“freedom of speech” and “public pool”

by Mohammad Ala on

We have been through this many times and it keeps coming up.  It seems some IC members are more “free,” to express their views, especially twice a day (rain or shine) than others.  One can find fault in any society and criticize it.  It seems okay to attack some countries but a few countries are off the limit by IC Admin and several members have been banned for expressing their views. 

For those who do not understand “freedom of speech,” I would like to say if you think you are free to utter anything you wish, respect this also for others.  Moreover, assume “freedom of speech” is similar to a “public pool”.  You can swim in it, but you are not permitted to pee in it.


"روزهای زندگی" ( در آی.سی.) Days of Our Lives, on I.C.!


و "روزهای زندگی" در ستونهای آی.سی. ادامه دارد. //     بیخود نیست هیچ کس اینجا را جدی نمیگیره.      

Soosan Khanoom

Don't worry Shazdeh .. some members here

by Soosan Khanoom on

نزده میرقصن 

Soosan Khanoom

Lion king jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

you are my favorite shah doost on this site !! 

I am all love and support ...

 : ) 


Can someone please show me

by Shepesh on

and tell me where is Fred's 
war propaganda? Give me a link. 

What I see here is


Islamist Rapists  ------- YES I AGREE

by Fred on 

Regime change is the only way out of this 34 years of the Messianic Islamist Rapist barbarity.  ------- YES I AGREE

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval inspections is a must.    -------- YES I AGREE


I dont read every blog, every comment but where is this WAR? Do you mean "naval inspections" is the aggressive part here?