Guardians of the Ayatollah

Documentary on the Basij militia by Phil Rees

"Phil Rees gained unique access to film life in Iran never before seen in the West. 'Guardians of the Ayatollah' reveals the dilemma facing the Islamic Republic. How can it modernize and open to the outside world and still remain faithful to the principles of its founding leader, the late Ayatollah Khomeini?"

Guardians of the Ayatollah from Phil Rees on Vimeo.


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Manuchehr Khosrodad

Recently these Basiji are kidnapping and torturing

by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

the innocent relatives of prodemocracy activitists outside Iran, to stiffle their free speach.  For example the father of the young man promoting Naghi campaign in Holland.  These criminal actions have to stop and answers will have to be given for such crimes, not just by basiji, but by the regime which does not condemn these activities by their thugs.


Cowardly murder of hundreds of unarmed demonstrators....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Post 2009 Fraudulent so called "elections" in Iran was committed by these filthy cowardly bassiji scums. A crime for which every single one of them will have to answer for one day...... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Pre-Khatami-era documentary

by maghshoosh on

It might be worth pointing out that the above documentary was aired in 1996, before Khatami's election.