Four sentenced to death over $2.6bn Iran bank fraud

Two other defendants received life sentences

BBC: Four people have been sentenced to death for their roles in Iran's biggest-ever bank fraud scandal. Two other defendants received life sentences, while 33 more will spend up to 25 years in jail, the chief prosecutor was quoted as saying. The scandal involved forged documents reportedly used by an investment company to secure loans worth $2.6bn >>>


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i wonder what the sentence

by alx1711 on

i wonder what the sentence going to be for Mullahs if this is for bank fraud!


Doozd Killing Doozd

by jmyt17 on

When the top people in this dirty Islamic Regime are thief, and teaching how to lie/rapeStole, what do we expect to have in total system.Look at Dirt Khameni’s asset and his relativeRafsanjani3 stupid Arab born LarejaniPeople in Sepah This is what this Islamic dirty people doing in our home land. 


None of them is real Thief

by Azarbanoo on

These are people who know who stole the money and trying to remove them.  Real thieves are Rahbar & His cronies that is the reason he did not want to KESH Bedhid!


not one of the higher echelons

by mahmoudghaffari on

mentioned, prosecuted, and followed through.  Many of the top people in the government all the way to the office of Khamenei and his son(s) were involved but were never implicated.  This, ladies and gentlemen is Islamic Justice.