Forough Javidan Operation

Mojahedin Khalgh's 1988 offensive against Islamic Republic

Wikipedia: Operation Mersad was the name given by the Iranian government to its successful counterattack against a July 1988 military incursion from Iraq by a military force of about 7000 members of the People's Mujahedin of Iran, armed and equipped and given air support by Saddam's Iraq. The operation started on July 26 and lasted only a few days, and was the last military operation of any significance of the Iran-Iraq War >>>



incompetence at its peak

by مآمور on

they should make their own program and tell their own version of the same story!!

They, either, are so incompetent to do so, or they do agree with IRI

I wear an Omega watch


No, this is not just a filler,

by ham1328 on

The same story was on this site, just a few months ago. It was Aljazeera's version of the event, a brodcast that was made years ago. Trust me, nothing happens on this site by accident anymore. REMEMBER, IRI HAS DEEP POCKETS!

Dr. Mohandes

Sure IRI's days are numbered!

by Dr. Mohandes on

The only dissapointment is that at the rate we are progressing! that number could be very easily multiplied by a factor of oh i don't know...what might work in here...30!


MEK's stupiditites at every stage gave IR the best excuses they

by Zendanian on

needed to carry out Mullahs' crushing of people's movement in Iran; in early 80's, the above episode, and now.

This clip is here, most probabaly as a filler, for no particular reason but to fill the screen. But it is always helpful to recall how some so called "opposition" groups played exactly into IR's hands and did exactly what mullahs needed to keep them in power.

Pretty much like the pro-war crowd in here, who still don't understand that any attack on Iran is exactly what IR is looking for.

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it.


I.R.I.'s days are numbered....

by ham1328 on

And when the mass uprisings satrs, they'll claim these are MEK terrorists!!! Sounds a lot like Assad. Why a 24 year old story is being re-reported again now? Don't be fooled by regime's propaganda.


Bunch of...

by AryamehrNYC on

As far as I am concerned, they have not paid enough for all of their misdeeds to the Iranian nation going back 50 years.  


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by alx1711 on

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