Adel Mohammad Hosseini: Prisoner of the day

Student activist

Kaleme: In the recent days, several prosecuted political and student activists have been summoned to Evin Prison to begin serving their sentences. Adel Mohammad Hosseini, a reformist student activist who was active in Mir Hossein Mousavi's 2009 presidential campaign, turned himself in to Evin Prison authorities after he received his summons.

Adel Mohammad Hosseini was arrested on December 29, 2010, when he appeared at Evin Prison Court. Earlier, security forces had stormed Hosseini's home, searched the premises, and taken several items from his home, leaving him with summons to appear at Evin Prison Court. After his arrest, he was transferred to IRGC's Ward 2-A at Evin Prison, where he was put in solitary confinement during his interrogations. He was released on bail three weeks later.

Branch 15 of Tehran Revolutionary Court under Judge Salavati sentenced Hosseini to one year in prison on charges of "propaganda against the state," and four months in prison for "insulting the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad." An appeals court later reduced his sentence to six months in prison and $500 in cash fines.


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درود بر تمام زندانیان سیاسی


ننگ بر آنانیکه از این زندانیان شجاع برای هدف شخصی خود سؤ استفاده میکنند


Iranians of all walks of life taking a stand for their freedom and just rights.  They are to be commanded and supported by all freedom loving folks.

   Iranians need to stand united in their support for these brave souls, support their goals and aspiration for a  free independent and prospers Iran. 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Not fazed

by Fred on

Your personal attack doesn’t faze me at all, nothing except death would do.

You and I are nothing, what is important is the emancipation of Iran and Iranians, you can believe me or not, it does not make a bit of difference.

However, as a test of your honesty, cite one word of mine where I have advocated as you say “war.”

This nonsensical jingoistic and populist slogan where you say “Unite against repression AND war if you love Iran” sounds good, but HOW?

Through Mir Hussein Mousavi Khamene who is culpable in crimes against humanity done on his watch and wants to take Iran back to the “Golden era of the Emam”, or perhaps by charlatan Khatami.

 I Know Adel likes Mousavi, but, because of his political views, he is a prisoner now and because of that I support him, you or anyone else like it or not.   

This regime is warmonger and has to be removed before it imposes another war on Iran and Iranians. My solution, which seems to be working, is backbreaking airtight sanctions, what is yours besides the jingoistic sloganeering that is?

Keep on truckin!

Majid Zahrai


by Majid Zahrai on

Fred, you know that in order to be able to publish your war and sanctions propaganda here, you need to say something about human rights and something about the poor prisoner introduced on the page or else it would be even more obvious what you are doing here.

But please don't think the rest of us naive. If this post didn't clearly say that this young man is a "reformist" and a Mousavi supporter, you would have typed your other jargon, "IRI needs to be put out to pasture, 'reformist' and all, lock stock and barrel," obviously including this poor Prisoner of the Day as well!

In prescribing "backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine" against the people of Iran on this page, the irony is not lost on some of us that the very Prisoners of the Day whose space you use to do your propaganda are ALL against military action on Iran, sanctions, and people with your political agenda.

The Islamic Republic is a despicable state. It must go. But we will have to be traitors or idiots to think that the Iranian nation's freedom can be provided by other states and people like you who pursue a political agenda of war and destruction to the detriment of the Iranian nation.


Unite against repression AND war if you love Iran.



Regime change for Adel’s sake

by Fred on

Thinking legions of victims like Adel will be helped by anything except regime change, is not to be dealing in reality.

For the past 34 years the Messianic Islamist Rapists have not, and till they are overthrown, will never stop their gross violation of human rights and crimes against humanity.

The only way to end this national nightmare is regime change by the Iranian people with the help of the sane world.

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must.